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We spent our second day in Sri Lanka travelling farther down the coast to Galle, a seaside town that was formerly a Dutch fort.

On the way to Galle, we passed through Hikkaduwa, also known as Hippieduwa, which was first visited by surfing hippies back in the 70’s. Today it is still a backpacker-style town full of modern hippies ambling through Sri Lanka.

When we arrived in Galle, we immediately headed for the fort area because our guide book said that it would be the most interesting place for us to walk around. They were right!

From the top of the wall we could see all kinds of activities going on below. On the sea side, obviously there was ocean, but the more fascinating part was watching the town from the top of the wall. We got to witness some kind of martial arts practice, these guys were serious! There was also a cricket game going on below.

Eventually we came down off of the wall and began to wanter through the town. It was super hot out! I have no idea what the temperature was, but it was warm enough that even just walking around was barely enjoyable. We decided that we needed to find some kind of air conditioned respite. It wasn’t quite lunch time, what else could we do?

The most obvious answer? Go to a fish spa.

Well, try to anyway. It turns out that their fish had all died and the new ones that they had on order hadn’t arrived yet.

This place looked fairly clean inside, I wouldn’t have thought twice about using it, but knowing that they couldn’t keep their fish alive sketched me out a bit. Maybe it was good that this option was off of the table.

For those of you who are not familiar with fish spas, they are basically small pools filled with doctor fish that you put your feet into. The fish eat the dead skin off of your feet to make them smooth and nice. I would imagine that this either sounds really awesome or really gross to most people. Chris and I are both in the really awesome, at least from a curiosity standpoint, camp.

After strolling around town for a bit longer we decided to head back north towards Bentota to grab lunch and some mocktails at a resort along the water. I think we finally figured out where we should have stayed on our first trip to Sri Lanka.

This hotel had a great setup, a surf spot for Chris, and was empty enough to actually enjoy hanging out, watching the ocean, and letting the world go by.

Yesterday, after talking to some honest fishermen, we decided against deep sea fishing and opted for hiring a boat to take us up the Bentota River.


I was expecting to see sights reminiscent of our ride up the Mekong a few years back, but it was quite different. In the Mekong, we saw many fishermen living on boats, making the river home. Here the local fishermen seemed to favor nets, traps, and living on shore.


As we headed up the river, our guide was quick to start pointing out the wildlife. Chris had really been wanting to see a monitor while we were here, and luckily we got to see one right away. Further up the river, we headed into the mangroves and began seeing monitors like crazy!


Later in the afternoon we were approached by a boy in a boat with his ‘pet’ crocodile. It made me uncomfortable that he had taken this tiny animal from it’s family, but at the same time, I appreciated his attempt at entrepreneurship. Mixed feelings on this one. Anyway, before I knew it, I had a baby croc in hand and Chris was snapping away with the camera.


After we returned to our hotel, Chris decided to try his hand at wake boarding. It had been a few years since his last attempt, but he did great and had a really fun time. Hopefully he doesn’t catch anything from the river water.


Upon arriving in Sri Lanka last night, I was completely blown away by the contrast between here and India. Of course it was dark out and daylight can change everything, but for the most part, Sri Lanka, well Colombo anyway, seemed to be more well developed like Vietnam. I was expecting something more like Zanzibar before seeing it first hand.


I was disappointed to wake up to some serious rain this morning, but it cleared up quickly and I think it will shape up to be a nice day. We may get serious with some wind surfing later on, although I think what Chris is most interested in is setting up a deep sea fishing trip for tomorrow morning.

If you have heard my rendition of our Zanzibar deep sea fishing excursion, you can imagine how stoked I am about giving it another go. Right, not so much.

Although I may give in to it as we have about $500 worth of Sri Lankan Rupees to burn…

Last night at the ATM, Chris was debating how much money to get and decided to try for the highest withdrawal amount, which he assumed would be around $200-300 USD… Instead of just typing in 20,000 or 30,000 rupees (our estimating rule of thumb is 100 SR/$), he thought that he would use trial and error to figure out what the limit was. Apparently it is more than 50,000 Sri Lankan Rupees. Sweet, thanks Chris.

So far I like Sri Lanka, we have a pretty ocean view room, and I can’t wait to see what the day has in store for us.