Back in 2009, I twisted Chris’ arm and got him to run my first half marathon with me. He didn’t really understand why I wanted to pay money to go run when I could just go outside and do it for free, but he went along with that crazy idea anyway.

A few months later, after draging him to run several more half marathons and even a full marathon, Chris got hooked as well. Since then, we have done attempted to do many races, but I seem to have a propensity for injuring myself after getting months deep into a training plan. Probably stupid training.

Our road racing careers have temporarily been put on hold during our stint in India, but I have high hopes for getting back into my groove at some Spring races back home!

Running PRs:

26.2-M – 4:28:29 – 10:15 pace – Flying Pig 2010

13.1-M – 1:57:29 – 8:58 pace – Sam Costa 2010

10-M – 1:28:20 – 8:50 pace – Louisville Hangover 2010

Training 10-M – 1:27:50 – 8:47 pace – 8/14/2010

Training 10-K – 53:13 – 8:35 pace – 1/28/2010 52:44 – 8:29 pace – 6/7/2014 52:07 – 8:23 pace – 6/14/2014

5-K – 24:57 – 8:03 pace – Circle K 5K 2010

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