At home at last! (In Dubai)

After our marathon hotel stay when we arrived (87 days!!!), we were finally able to move into our apartment a few days before Christmas. Our container arrived just in time to put our Christmas tree up on the 23rd and to unpack our winter coats only days before we headed to Eastern Europe for Christmas break.

The apartment is working out nicely. I never thought of myself as an apartment dweller, but I think it will be an ok home for a few years. It is fairly roomy, almost as big as our house in Indiana, and has a great view of Atlantis and a not quite as good ocean view. Not surprisingly, one of my favorite features is the 2.7K rubberized jogging track immediately out our back door.

The only major shortcoming, which is almost universal for Dubai, is the lack of a clothes dryer. The US seems to have a staggering number of clothes dryers per capita compared to the rest of the world, so much so that people look at me a little funny when I lament the fact that I don’t have one. Fortunately, I got on board with a clothes drying rack early, so we don’t have clothes hanging from every door, cabinet door, and piece of furniture like we did in India.

Over the weekend, we put some effort into beautifying our giant balcony by adding four plants including a kumquat tree. I’m hoping to wean Chris and Kai off of their expensive Spanish clementine habit, but that is probably too ambitious of me.

With the exception of having Chris’ office to organize and decorate still, I feel like we are settled in to where our routines and day to day activities can return to normal. What a relief to finally get back in our groove!

  1. Anonymous said:

    That’s great news Brit. It’s much nicer to be someplace that you know you will be in for a while. We leave for Snowmass/Aspen on Saturday with our ski club. Only skied twice so far so hoping for good conditions. Hugs to Chris and Kai. Love, maj-britt

    • Brit said:

      That sounds like so much fun. We toyed with the idea of skiing in Switzerland this winter, but I want Kai’s communication to be a little bit better before I leave her at ski school in a foreign country. She at least needs to understand what is going on before I can do that.

      For now, I think she is almost old enough for some lessons at Ski Dubai. 🙂

  2. Lisa said:

    SO glad for you! It sounds like a nice place, and a track that big and close is heaven-sent. 🙂
    It’s fun to see a picture of Kai — how fast she is growing! I’m so impressed by your ability to handle this huge life transition along with a toddler. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Jen said:

    so glad to “see” you back on this side of the world. Kai is adorable! 🙂
    We were just in Dubai for a quick 2-day trip! It’s fun.

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