Let’s talk about marathons

Because who doesn’t love to run a good marathon? I know, right?

Since I am a glutton for punishment, I have signed myself up for two of them. The first of the two is a trail marathon in Indy on August 3. I don’t have any goal for this race except for just completing it and running as much of it as is reasonably possible. I haven’t run on trails regularly since high school, and I will probably not have a chance to run many trails in the next few months, so this may prove to be interesting. I will try to plan a few long runs on the trails in our local state park, but no promises there.

In addition to that small detail about the race being on trails, there is an even bigger unknown. August weather in Indiana. The average temperature in Indy on August 3 is 83 degrees, presumably with 95% humidity. Essentially, I expect it to feel like 90-100 degrees out there. Sounds like fun, eh?

The second race is a small inaugural race in Southern Indiana on September 28. I chose to register got peer pressured into signing up for this race for a few reasons. First, a bunch of people from my running club are doing it. Second, peer pressure. Peer pressure is no joke, it can be a huge motivator, don’t underestimate it.

After returning from vacation last month, I have been working on being more deliberate about my running. I’ve failed spectacularly at that, but, somehow, I have still been logging a decent number of miles each week. I have been averaging slightly more than 30 miles per week. I think the sweet spot for me running a marathon is somewhere between 30 and 50 miles per week depending on where I am in the training plan. Fewer miles and I will be unprepared, more miles and I fear that I will get injured/stressed out/tired/other bad thing. This is a fairly personal thing, my way is definitely not the “right” way, but I think it will work for me.

I have a goal in mind for that second race, but I’m not ready to put it out there yet. I need to do a few of the longer, long runs to understand how realistic it might be. More updates coming soon. Even non-runners love running fodder, no?

  1. Lisa said:

    I think at 30 mpw you’re doing awesome toward your marathon goals! I wish I had been averaging that the last few months….

    The trail race sounds exciting, but I hear you that it’s hard to get out on real trails for regular runs. I hope the weather is ok for you. At least in August you’ve had all summer to acclimate to the heat.

    I picked a June marathon based on many factors, but now I’m worrying that it will be ho and I won’t be acclimated yet. I’m trying to keep my cool.

    Do your best with training, but try not to let it stress you too much. If you like podcasts while running, you should look up the “another mother runner” episodes. I feel like a poser listening to them because I’m not a mom, but I just really like the tips, inspiration, and realistic perspective they give.

    • Brit said:

      I will have to check them out! I have done books on tape, so why not podcasts?

  2. branny said:

    I love a good marathon. I just signed up for my first ultra, though, and it is the same weekend as your 2nd marathon. I’m also signed up for a marathon in NOvember. great fall running season!

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