Pantless again

Our time in Madrid, although well spent, was probably a bit too short. I, for one, was feeling a bit lazy while in Madrid, so I did not do a great job of pushing the agenda. It didn’t help matters that the agenda was pretty open; I accidentally left the Spain travel guide in our car at the airport when we flew to Morocco, so I wasn’t able to pre-read much before we got to Madrid. Yes, I realize that most people pre-read weeks, or even months in advance of their trips, but I was and always have been a huge failure at planning my vacations ahead of time.

The first thing we “did” in Madrid was sit down to an awesome breakfast on Gran Via where Chris and I ate Eggs Benedict, Kai ate fruit and yogurt, and the three of us plotted out our day. After wrapping up our breakfast, we set out for the Monasterio Las Descalzas Reales, which was just a few blocks away. We got there just in time to join an English speaking tour of the old monastery. Of the limited things that we saw in Madrid, this was probably my favorite. Chris and I got married in an old Italian monastery that had beautiful frescoes on the walls. Similar to Villa Grazioli, our wedding venue, this monastery also had some amazing frescoes.

Madrid 1

After spending the next part of the day visiting the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and Plaza Espana to name a few places, we realized that lunch time had come and gone and that we were starving. We decided to get tapas for a late afternoon meal and took great care in selecting a bar that felt authentic, not too touristy, and appropriate to bring Kai into. After what felt like miles of walking, and much deliberation, we were finally seated in a bar with drinks in front of us and tapas on the way. In keeping with the stereotype of the fat American over consumer, we ordered entirely too much food and couldn’t wait for it to arrive so we could devour it all.

The first thing that came out was two breaded hunks of brie melted around some Serrano ham. It sounds kind of gross when I describe it that way, but the little nibble of it that I had was pretty tasty. I fed most of mine to Kai as she seemed hungry too and this was totally a food that she could get on board with. Another little plate with two bite-sized pieces of food came out. I can’t remember what this was anymore, but I remember snarfing it down quickly, eager to fill my hungry, rumbling tummy.

We waited and waited, no more tiny plates arrived.

Kai became restless.

We passed her back and forth, trying to entertain her with silly faces and nonsense chatter as we continued to wait for more tiny plates to arrive.

I decided that Kai’s restlessness might be because her diaper was a little wet, so we crammed into a shoebox sized bathroom to attempt a “standing” diaper change. There was no surface in the bathroom that could be used for baby changing, so I found myself holding a wriggling baby in one hand while changing her diaper with the other. If you have ever done this, you understand the enormous level of stress involved with doing it. I was sure that I would get an unwanted shower, or worse. Somehow, I emerged from the bathroom with a happy baby and clean clothes.

Kai sat on Chris’ lap as we made even more silly faces and even more nonsense chatter and continued to wait for more tiny plates carrying bite sized morsels of fried yumminess to arrive.

At some point, we realized that the rest of our food wasn’t coming. As Chris stood up to re-order our food, I saw that my mid-air diaper change didn’t work out so well. Kai’s pants were soaked. I must not have unfolded the leg gussets properly. Madrid 2Lucky for Chris, Kai’s pants seemed to have absorbed the bulk of the fluid. We decided that it was time to bail on our meal. Chris paid our tab as I got Kai cleaned up again. For the second time on this trip, Kai was going to go pantless, this time to The Prado. Fortunately we have one of those stroller sleeping bags, so I doubt that anyone except for us knew about her escapade. Surprisingly, we were able to see nearly all of The Prado before Kai determined that it was time to leave. I was quite impressed with her endurance.

After the museum, we made our way back towards Gran Via, stopping along the way for a few sandwiches and some free internet so we could find a hotel room for that night. Kai needed a nap, so we reserved a hotel room in Toledo, piled back into the car, and made the drive about an hour south to the famous city on the hill.

Next up: Toledo

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Toledo is my favorite city in Spain. You must buy marzipan. It’s the best in Europe.

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