Snail pace race

Yesterday Chris and I ran the Indy Monumental Marathon. The weather was perfect for running, high 30s, overcast, very little breeze and we had a great race.

I went into this race with the [public] goal of “running the whole thing”. But, if you know me, you know that was not the goal that I would hold myself accountable to because it was not nearly ambitious enough. Privately, I had three goals, an ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ plan.

Top priority was to run this race faster than my slowest half marathon [2:18:xx] – Done.

Plan B was to come in under 2:10:00 – Done.

Finally, I wanted to best the time from my first half marathon [2:06:07] – Didn’t make it.

As I toyed around with the idea of entering the race at all, several people suggested the goal of running negative splits for the first and second half of the race. I had that in mind, and managed to do that, but it was more of a race strategy than a goal.

In the end, I feel like my performance yesterday was as good as I could have done with my fitness level and training, so, although it was more than 10 minutes off of my PR, I will call it a win and know that I have set the bar for my race in Las Vegas next month.

Official Time: 2:08:29

If you are nerdy enough to care:
Mile 1: 10:01
Mile 2: 10:18
Mile 3: 7:59? Really Garmin?
Mile 4: 9:57
Mile 5: 9:58
Mile 6: 9:41
Mile 7: 9:39
Mile 8: 9:33
Mile 9: 9:32
Mile 10: 9:25
Mile 11: 9:35
Mile 12: 9:46 Hello wall!
Mile 13: 9:44
Mile .1 (.38): 9:01

  1. Hi Brit! It’s been so long since I checked in on your blog. I’m so glad to see you’re still running! 😀

  2. osulori said:

    Congratulations, lady! Great job 🙂

  3. re said:

    Nice job!

  4. jillybean222 said:

    Nicely done!!!

  5. Bree said:

    Congrats! Definitely a win.

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