That was me hitting the wall on my long run on Saturday. I hit it early and I hit it hard.


My run started off well enough. The weather was perfect, in the upper 40’s with a light breeze and slightly overcast. That weather does not seem perfect for much else aside from running, does it? The only thing holding me back was Chris’ hand.

Chris had surgery on his pinkie last week [he’s ok, I promise] so we decided that I should push the stroller so he didn’t injure it again or slow his healing. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about pushing the stroller for 10 miles, because I have never even come close to pushing it that far, but if Chris could push it 8 miles on Monday night with his complete lack of running training disadvantage, then I was up for the challenge.

We started off on one of my favorite sections of running path and things were going great. I switched pushing arms every time the song on my iPhone changed. The first two miles clicked by at almost exactly my target pace. Mile three had a few hills that were accentuated by the weight of the stroller. It is amazing how inclines that were hardly noticeable before turn into endless steep grades while pushing the Bob. It turns out that Indiana isn’t flat at all!

Mile four had another slight, but steady incline. It was pure torture. I could feel my arms and shoulders burning with fatigue from pushing the stroller. We turned a corner to continue up the slight grade. My legs began to feel tired also. Less than halfway through, I had hit the wall.

Suddenly my excitement about the perfect weather and my anticipation of the sense of accomplishment that running ten miles would bring was replaced with a feeling of impending doom. Chris could tell that I was running out of steam, and that, yes, I was serious about it. He bailed me out and pushed for the last six or so miles. Whew! I feel like a big wimp, but I’m glad to have that run checked off of my calendar.

Less than two weeks until the Indy Monumental Half Marathon!

  1. jillybean222 said:

    I always hit a wall with stroller running between miles 4-6. Every.single.run! Today, someone stopped me for directions at the bottom of the hill going into my neighborhood at mile 5.6. I was annoyed b/c I had to stop briefly so close to the end of my run AND at the bottom of the hill, but relived to have a 45 second break!!! It is not supposed to be easy so I save my runs I don’t really care about to do with my little one. I wouldn’t even attempt 10 miles with her, so good for you!!!

  2. Lisa said:

    I think “inspiring” might be an overused word in the blogosphere, but that is what you are, my dear! I’m always so happy to read a new post from you and hear you’re running, racing, being an awesome mom, or just generally kicking butt. 😀

    • Lisa said:

      I’m sorry you hit the wall, but I still feel like you are amazing.

  3. I found your blog by randomly googling “Monumental Half Marathon”. I’m running the race, too! It’s my second time doing this course and it’s been my favorite race thus far. I’m getting so excited I can concentrate on little else! Just 4 more days!

    Good luck to you!


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