Game on

Saturday morning we decided to head up to Purdue for the football game against Eastern Michigan. On the way up to West Lafayette, I got on the Internet and bought us some front row tickets to the game which were delivered to my email while we were on the road. When we got into town, we made a quick stop at Kinkos to print the tickets, then we headed to the bookstore for a few new Purdue t-shirts. We were hoping for a pink one for Kai, but there wasn’t a huge selection in her size, so we settled on white.

When we arrived at out seats, we were delighted to find out that, not only were they in the front row, but they were padded and had seat backs. Awesome!


Kai started the game wearing her ear muffs, I bought them for her a few weeks ago with the idea of going to a football game in mind. I wasn’t sure how loud it would seem or if she would be scared by the noise. Fortunately, Purdue’s stadium does not get crazy loud like Penn State’s Beaver Stadium, so she didn’t seem to need hearing protection. In fact, she slept through most of the game, including a Purdue Pete sighting, without it.


During one of her wakeful moments, Kai made a Jumbotron appearance. Way to go Kai! I sat in the front row of the student section for a whole season at Purdue and still never managed to make the big screen.

I was surprised by how easy it was to take Kai to the game. Going into the event, I expected that it would be a huge ordeal, but it wasn’t bad at all. Her epic nap probably had something to do with that.

Hopefully Kai didn’t get spoiled into thinking that she will always sit in the front row for games! This was the exception, not the rule at our house, but I have to say that the front row seat provided much more entertainment for her than any other seat in the house would have.

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