1. LifeisBeachyKeen said:

    You are beautiful! I’m sure you miss your long hair, but your short hair is absolutely adorable! I’m kind of jealous of how quickly you can probably get ready in the morning… … Now you owe us a picture of Kai! I know she must be getting so big!

    • Brit said:

      Thank you. I can get ready super quickly, but I have also learned to appreciate needing to style my hair. 🙂

  2. Lisa said:

    You are so pretty Brit! I’d forgotten I’d asked for a photo, but it definitely made me smile to see you remembered. 🙂 I’ve skipped running for the past 2 weeks. I miss it; perhaps tomorrow….

    • Brit said:

      There’s always tomorrow. I have been much better about it for the past few weeks. At first it was a struggle because I had gotten so much worse at it, but now that I can see improvement it is much better.

  3. Kier said:

    Holy Hot! What do you think of your short hair style? I think it suites you perfectly!

    There must be a running bug going around…or a lack of running bug. I’ve been terrible at sticking to any type of running schedule lately.

  4. Thanks for sharing the picture with us. I agree, we need a Kai pic next.

    You can totally work the short hair thing. Do you plan on keeping it in a pixie cut? You really should, it looks great and it would be so much less effort.

    You continue to make the restof us feel like slackers. Take no shame in hitting the snooze button today.

  5. Thanks for sharing a picture of you hair. I think you look beautiful!!

  6. Dana said:

    I think you look fantastic with short hair! I am also in agreement that we need to see Kai next 🙂
    Glad to see you are doing well with treatments and such. You continue to inspire me every day!

  7. Bree said:

    You look so cute! I agree…I need to see baby pictures next. She must be getting so big.

    I have run once in the past two weeks :/

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