Up hill both ways

Over the past few weeks, I have made it a priority to get a decent number of runs in each week. Some weeks that has not been a huge number, in one case just three, but overall, it has been a much better effort than I have made in a long time and it is really working out well for me. I finally remember why I liked doing it so well in the first place and I am extremely happy with my progress so far.


If you recall, my first few runs post-chemo were painfully slow. Worse than 12:30/mile and never longer than three miles. Just a few short weeks, many miles, and a few tremendously hilly runs later, I finally feel confident that my efforts are paying off. Over the weekend Chris and I went out for a run, sans stroller, and logged a few decent miles. I was beyond stoked when we got back to the car and I read that out best split was 8:35, especially because it didn’t feel awful, gonna puke, gulping air hard, it was more of a comfortable hard pace if that makes sense.

I’m hesitant to throw numbers out there lately because the fast kids are probably laughing at me, but my first ‘return to running goal’ was to be able to do short, say 3-5 mile runs circa 8:30. I’m hoping that in the next few weeks I can start stringing a few of those 8:35 miles together, in fact, if I keep up the hard work, I’m pretty confident that it will happen. Not bad progress for five-ish weeks. Once I get there, I may revisit my post-pregnancy, but pre-Hodgkins objective of squeezing as many miles as possible into a 30 minute run. Although I have historically been a ‘slow and steady’ runner, I am still facing major time constraints on weekdays and I think this will be the best use of my time.

In a few weeks, when it is cooler in the middle of the day, I may revisit lunchtime running. We have showers and lockers in the basement at work and I have tested out lunchtime running before, but not since mid-June when the noontime temperatures were hovering around 100 degrees, intensifying the effects of chemo on my energy level. In other words, it was a spectacular failure. But I think it deserves another chance, at least until my hair is long enough to require styling anyway.

  1. Mary said:

    I am pretty sure that the fast kids are NOT laughing at you. They are probably in complete and utter awe of you, just like I am.

    • Brit said:

      Thank you Mary. I am just in awe of the fast kids. 🙂

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