Running never gets easier…

…you only get faster. Was the theme of my run last night.

Remember her?

As I trudged away at a snail’s pace, a much faster snail than I was a few weeks ago, I was more than a little bit bummed out that running was so difficult. Remember the days when running was really easy and I could go really fast? Wait, I was never really fast, but that’s besides the point. I was much faster, but was it any easier? Decidedly not. My personality is such that I will never be content with an easy run. Over time what feels challenging might change, but running will always feel awful in the wonderful way that it does.

When I headed into the living room to stretch and Chris asked me how it had gone, I replied “It was really hard, but I did well. I finally averaged below 10:00/mile. 9:49 pace.”

In the scheme of things, this is kind of middle of the road for me, but not bad considering that I was struggling to run 12:30 miles earlier this month. At this point I am happy with my progress and I feel confident that I will be throwing down some times that I feel proud of by the end of the year.

I’m headed to New Jersey in a few days where I will spend most of the month of September. There, I expect to get in some hill training as my most logical running option is in an extremely hilly neighborhood. While I will probably curse it every day until I get back to Indiana, I have a feeling that I will be pleasantly surprised by my fitness level when I come home.

Wednesday marks my first day of 17 radiation treatments. I’m not all that excited to leave Chris and Kai for so many days next month, but I’m excited to get radiation over with and close out this event, hopefully for good. I’ve heard mixed reviews on how “bad” radiation is, but I demand a lot from myself, so I expect that I’ll tolerate it just fine. I figure that it is better to go in with a winning attitude and adjust if necessary than to go into it defeated waiting for it to prove me wrong. Either way, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I simply can’t wait to be there!

Before driving “home” on Monday, I’m looking forward to the start of college football season on Saturday. We bought baby hearing protection so that we could take Kai up to West Lafayette for her first Purdue game, but that idea is going to be on hold until October because of the storms that are supposed to hit Indiana this weekend. It isn’t really worth the two hour drive each direction and probably hundreds of dollars spent to go up there and not see a game due to rain. If it were just Chris and me, I would be all for standing in the rain to see a football game, but with Kai things are a little different, at least for a few years. Instead, I am delighted to stay home and catch the Penn State season opener against Ohio U.

For those of you who haven’t been following for very long, I am a lifetime member of the Penn State Alumni Association and a loyal supporter of the Nittany Lions.* Chris and I are both Purdue grads, so we cheer for the Boilers as well, but Penn State will always be my true college football love. [Chris also cheers for USC. One of the many things I have questioned his judgement on. ;-)]

Here’s to an exciting college football season!

* I will not get into the Sandusky business in this forum. Clearly the lack of discretion of a small group of people can leave a black eye on an entire institution and its 665,000 alumni. While I am not proud of what happened, I am confident that Penn State will set a good example in the future and hold true to their values.

We are [still]…Penn State!

  1. Lisa said:

    I hear you! Running fast is HARD, no matter what fast currently means to you. Sending my best to you during this radiation ordeal. I know you’re the toughest party in the battle you’re fighting.

    As this whole Penn State saga unfolded I remember thinking of you and how you love the school. I still think it’s a great institution too, and even though I’m a Gopher at heart, I’ll cheer for Penn State w/ you this year. It’s a tragic, awful thing that happened, but I know the Penn State community can rise above & have a bright future!

  2. Anonymous said:

    we missed ya at the indy women’s half this weekend. maybe next year :)))

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