Training Tuesday: Week 3

A few weeks ago I remembered that I had signed up for the Indy Women’s Half Marathon. After deciding that I still plan to run it, I immediately hopped online to pull a training plan together. So far it has had its ups and downs.

Week 1 was a dud. Since I started mid-week, I had two easy miles scheduled for the entire week and I did not even manage to get those in. You may recall that I was freaking out about my hair, and, yes, for real, I did not run because I was worried about stressing it too much and making it fall out faster.

Fast forward to Week 2. I decided that my hair is going to do whatever it is going to do, so I got in all seven miles that I had scheduled. Really not much to be proud of as I think of myself as someone who throws down seven mile runs, not seven mile weeks, but still an improvement over Week 1; I’ll take it. Also worth noting, neither of these runs was as dreadfully slow as I expected them to be. Not that I was breaking land speed records or anything, but I was at least easily running a 9:15 pace – far quicker than the easy 11:58 pace my plan prescribed.

I have decided to adjust the goal paces in the plan as these are a bit slow even at 80 degrees with a jogging stroller. I was aiming for something low key and attainable, but perhaps I need a bit more of a challenge. I can always back off if I do not have enough energy when the distances get longer.

So here we are at Week 3 with a new faster plan.

  • Monday – 3 miles @ 11:27
  • Wednesday – 4 Mi, including w/u; 2×1600 in 9:17 w/800 jogs; c/d
  • Saturday – 5 miles @ 11:27

I’m confident that I can accomplish this, but I am doubtful that I will be able to talk myself into running much more than this; I just haven’t been that stoked about going running lately. So I don’t become a complete sloth, I have been giving some thought to what I might like to do instead.

Now that the ducks have moved, I have started kicking around the idea of turning our garage into a gym. Chris’ interest seems to be piqued, but we haven’t taken any action on that yet. In the meantime, I’m thinking about re-starting up my garage version of New Rules of Lifting for Women. Since I am having a lot more trouble than usual getting motivated to run, maybe it is time to switch things up a bit. In some sadistic way, I kind of miss the Body Weight Matrix, so this might be the way to go.

As an alternative, I have also been kicking around the idea of joining my local CrossFit box, but I can’t really figure out how it fits into my schedule. I have been hearing so much buzz about CrossFit lately, that I’m über tempted to jump on that bandwagon, but the group workouts are from 7-8 AM and 6-7 PM. I generally try to be at work at or before 8 AM and Kai likes to go to bed at 7 PM. CrossFit is probably out, huh?

My last alternative might be to get my bike fixed and set up my bike trainer again. After months of riding mostly in place while in India, I’m kind of over the bike trainer, but riding outside really isn’t practical right now.

Heavy stuff, I know.

  1. Lisa said:

    That’s a tough schedule for crossfit. I dont suppose it would be worth it to just go 1 or 2 mornings/ week and just be later to the office those days?

    I find group classes motivating too (even though I’ve not gone for about 2 months…) Maybe some other group class, yoga, zumba, spinning would be at a better time for you? Good luck with figuring out your solution. I love running too, but lately I’m also having trouble getting in more than a few runs per week. I just don’t feel like it, which is strange for me. (I think it’s the heat and long days at work that just make me want to sleep, sleep. )

    How’s the hair holding up? You haven’t let chris cut it yet?

    • Lisa said:

      You don’t have to answer about the hair if you don’t want to yet. Just curious and concerned, but I also don’t mean to pry. Whatever your hair is doing right now I hope you’re feeling ok with it. 🙂

      • Brit said:

        Its ok. I haven’t parted with it yet. It has seen better days, but Chris says that it isn’t bad enough to shave it yet. He promises to tell me just before it reaches that point so I can stay ahead of it. I can’t believe how much hair you can lose before you start looking obviously bald. I’m talking (bathroom size) trashcans full of hair, but somehow there is still a reasonable amount on my head. So far I’ve gotten 31 days more out of it than I was expecting, at this point any extra days are a bonus.

    • Brit said:

      You inspired me to call the CrossFit gym to ask a million questions…

      They don’t have showers, so 7-8AM is not a good option. BUT, their 5-6 PM classes might be an option, even when Chris is travelling, because they are kid-friendly and allow babies in car seats to watch the WOD. I’m going to check it out later this week.

  2. jillybean222 said:

    If you’re not feeling the running thing, take a break! I take running breaks quite often – as long as you are doing something else, your running won’t take too much a of a hit. I don’t run regularly while PG, so basically, I have taken 3 of the last 6 years off and I PR’ed in a 5k last weekend!!!

    You might discover this on your own later, but, for me, my exercise time is all about me. I can’t stand gym daycare, jogging stroller, or anything that involves me potentially having to stop to take care of the kids while I am exercising. I might change my tune next year when I have 2 in school and only have one to deal with, but, for now, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉 So, as great as CF sounds, Kai will be getting much busier in the next few months and won’t be content sitting in her car seat for very long. I like the home gym idea though…I keep begging DH for one, but nothing yet!!!

    • Brit said:

      That’s a good point about Kai not always being content with sitting in her seat. She is not that huge of a fan of it as it is. It’s a bummer, CrossFit sounds like so much fun!

      • jillybean222 said:

        There is a gym near me that has classes that are very similar to CF and their group classes are 2x/day – 6am and 6pm – both of which are awful for my kids’ schedules – boo! When I can go (i.e. when DH is home – hardly ever!) it is super-fun!!! Hopefully you can make it work once in awhile too!

  3. Hey, you are running. You’ve got a lot going on and you are still getting the runs in – that counts for something. It sucks that they aren’t as fun as they used to be, but it sounds like you have a lot options to keep moving. Honestly, if it is logistically and financially possible I’d do what I could to give myself as many options as possible – running + bike trainer + psuedo garage gym.

    As for crossfit, I am not a big fan of the basic boot camp workouts so I’d probably hate crossfit, although I will admit I’m tempted to try it…for a reasonable price!

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