The ducks are thriving at Duke’s House, so much so that they needed to have a bit more space. We debated many possible solutions, ultimately deciding that the ducks should make their big move to the great outdoors. Although the temperatures are staying warm enough for them to be outside, they are still quite young, so they still need plenty of protection from predators and the elements. On Sunday, we headed to the hardware store to check out our options.

By late afternoon, Chris has finished up their new digs and we just needed to move the ducks themselves. Piece of cake, right?

To simplify matters, we waited for Kai to go to bed before beginning the duck wrangling process. The first method of transport that we selected was via wheelbarrow. Our strategy was to move ten ducks at a time; if anything went wrong, we did not want to have the whole badling of ducks in transit at one time.

I stood on one side of the kiddie pool to encourage them to congregate on the other side, Chris would swoop in on the side opposite me and try to grab one with each hand as they ran back toward me. He placed the ducks that he caught in the wheelbarrow where I monitored to make sure that nobody escaped. After a few go-arounds, Chris has placed ten ducks in the wheelbarrow and we began to make our way the hundred yards or so to their new home. Duke, of course, loved this game.

Chris made little progress with the wheelbarrow before deciding that it needed to remain level. Instead of rolling it, we each picked up one side of it and carried it the rest of the way, rambunctious puppy in tow.

When we finally arrived at their new home, we realized that the wheelbarrow would not fit through the gate. Duke and I stood guard as Chris unloaded the ducks. This was not ideal.

We ditched the wheelbarrow and instead found a deep cardboard box.

Back to the garage, back to wrangling ducks. Chris was getting much better at catching them, but as the population in the pool thinned out, it became obvious that the more nimble of the ducks were the ones left. This time he got ten ducks put into the cardboard box, which he carried across the yard. Much easier.

One last trip, and finally all thirty ducks had arrived at their new home. After a few last adjustments to the heat lamps and double checking their food and water, we decided that the ducks were much better outside than in our garage. I am so relieved to have them outside!

  1. LifeisBeachyKeen said:

    They are getting so big, and they are so cute! What exactly are you planning on doing w/ 30 ducks? I guess I could go back and read the initial post on the ducks..

    • Brit said:

      I have no idea. This is Chris’ thing. He is the one in charge of flock management. He says that when they are big enough to go “outside” that we will probably lose some to foxes and coyotes, that is why he wanted so many from the get go.

      ETA: We certainly have enough space for 30 ducks, I just don’t think he is expecting to still have that many after a year or so.

  2. Stephanie said:

    Two things, Duke is the size of a horse (wish my DH would let me have a dog and one the size of Duke!) and the ducks are adorable!!

  3. Heidi Nicole said:

    Holy buckets – they are so big already! It seems like they were just so tiny and fluffy, now they look like snotty duck teenagers!

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