Just ducky

Wednesday morning Chris got a call from the post office.

“You have some birds or something. You need to come pick them up.”
I’m so glad I didn’t put my phone number on the duckling order form. I was MIA at training all week, it would have been pretty interesting if I had needed to sneak out to get them.

So yeah, we have a lot of ducks now. 10 Black Crested Pekin, 9 Indian Runners, and 10 Cayuga. There was one casualty as the ducks made their way from Oakland, CA and Denver.
Chris made his way to the post office as quickly as possible to pick them up and get them settled into their new home. Thankfully, we spent most of Saturday getting ready for ducks. Kai got to go to one of Chris’ favorite stores of all time on Saturday, Rural King, where, ironically, there were plenty of ducks for sale.
Now we have a giant kiddie pool full of ducks in our garage. Who doesn’t, right? They seems to be pretty high maintenance so far. The wood shavings in their pool need to be changed daily, plus they seem to need fresh food and water twice per day. Even Duke just gets one feeding. [Duke free feeds, so it takes him about 24 hours to work through his bowl of food.] With Chris’ insane travel schedule, I am pretty sure that I will be quite ready for the ducks to move outside when the time comes. Of some consolation is the fact that Kai seems to be quite amused by watching the ducks. I’m glad that she appreciates them.

  1. Stephanie said:

    They are so cute!

  2. Funny story…I was at my BFF’s last weekend and there were a half dozen teeny baby mallards gallivanting through the neighborhood with no mama in sight and no water within a half mile. We ended up corralling them in a box (damn, they’re slippery) and her neighbor took them to the local wildlife center the next morning, but I will fully admit that when my BFF looked at me and said “Lor, what the F are we going to do with ducks?” my first thought was “Oooh, they could go live at Brit’s with her new duckies!” 😉 I know they’re a pain in the butt but damn they’re cute…are yours loud? The mallard babies were cheeping up a storm, its the only way we could track them all down in the semi dark!

    • Brit said:

      That’s pretty funny! I’m not really sure if ours are loud. Our garage is far enough from the bedroom that I don’t hear them at night. You can definitely hear them while in the garage.

      I can’t get over how much there little guys eat and drink! It is like constant! They are much more than I expected.

  3. Heidi Nicole said:

    They are all cute and fluffy! But I’m sure with all they are eating they are spending plenty of time pooping too – fun!

    Do they have an area all set up for them outside?

  4. Lisa said:

    Oh heavens, hopefully they can move outside soon! They are cute though. 🙂 At least you avoided the post office pick-up.

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