More on ducks

No, they haven’t arrived yet.
But a few things just occurred to me.

  1. Chris was gone all week and these guys could have arrived while he was away. What the heck would I have done with 30 ducklings?
  2. Chris has definite plans to travel in the future. I obviously have time to take care of ducks in addition to my normal daily activities. Riiiiigt.
  3. I wouldn’t know what to do with a duckling if I had one.

Gosh, I hope he is here when they arrive.

I’m kind of regretting this decision.

Animal lovers: Not to worry, I will absolutely care for them no matter what, but perhaps I would have yet again vetoed the idea if I had thought through it more thoroughly. Buyers remorse anyone? And no, Chris doesn’t have it, he is still stoked.

I have said this before: Chris is fairly charming and he often influences people to do things that they wouldn’t normally agree to. Um, yeah, case in point.

  1. Oh my, you have 30 coming! This is going to be some experiment. I know people who’ve done it with their kids and they did enjoy it.

    • Brit said:

      Too bad Kai will have no idea what is going on. This one is all about Chris.

  2. Mama mia said:

    There is something very calming and peaceful about holding in your hands a fluffy/soft/sweet/innocent litlle bundle of life–straight from GOD–gotta be pure joy!!! You agreed to it because you know this in your heart.

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