So I survived treatment number one. That means that, in theory, I only have either seven or eleven to go.

All in all, I would say that it went pretty well. I did not get sick, which was huge. Going into this, I made sure that my bathroom floor was clean in case I ended up hanging out on it. So glad that I didn’t end up using it!

I would say that the biggest symptom that I faced was being extremely tired. Chris and I did make it out running on Saturday, but I came home and took a short nap straight away. Psychologically, the run was very important. Physiologically, the run may have been the tipping point to extreme exhaustion. You know when you are so worn out that your bones just feel hollow? Yeah, like that.

Sunday morning, of course, Kai wanted to get up bright and early, she doesn’t understand why I want to sleep so much. We made it through the day, Chris doing the bulk of the Kai care, but by 2 pm I could not believe that there were five plus hours until she might go to bed. I was toast.

As an escape, I cut our grass yesterday. It seemed like mowing would be easier than holding Kai for hours while Chris mowed. Although I wore SPF 30 sunblock on my face, I still burned. I was warned that I might be more photosensitive than usual, but I was surprised that it was something SPF 30 couldn’t handle. I’ll remember that for next time.

I’m relieved that things went fairly smoothly, hopefully things don’t get much worse with progressive treatments.

  1. Branny said:

    I’m relieved too. Stay strong but don’t hesitate to take it easy, either.

  2. Lisa said:

    Yay for not being sick! Infant care sounds exhausting to me, so I can’t imagine being tired from chemotherapy on top of it. But it sounds like you guys are managing.

    The running thing— isn’t it funny how even if you’re probably too exhausted to run, the psychological benefits outweigh that?

    Still sending my thoughts and prayers. And good luck with those ducks!

  3. Rebecca said:

    That’s great that you are feeling good so far! Hope it continues to be an relatively easy process.

  4. Heidi Nicole said:

    Glad everything is going pretty well for you! At my last job I worked quite closely with a woman going through chemo – she always felt the worst about three days after the treatment and did feel sick, but the exhaustion was the worst, and her kids had long moved out! Getting out to go running and do some yard work must help, at least mentally! Hope everything keeps going good for you! Stay strong!

  5. jillybean222 said:

    Somehow, you make cancer seem easy! I hope all continues to go well.

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