Double dog wash

Saturday morning I sprung out of bed to the sound of the baby monitor. As I raced across the house to tend to Kai before she became hysterical, Duke sprung into action too. At first I didn’t think much of it, after all, most dogs like to get the day started right away when their family wakes up.

After I got Kai changed and settled into our favorite chair with a bottle, Duke started pacing by the door.

I let it go for a moment. It was pouring rain with thunder and lightening. It was nasty outside. I needed to get Kai settled down enough that I could leave her in her crib while I got suited up in my rain coat, pants, and galoshes to take Duke out.

He kept pacing, more intensely now. The kind of pacing that made me wonder if he was going to explode into a poopy mess in the middle of my living room. Ugh.

As Duke got more rowdy, Kai did too. Figures. Finally, in exasperation, I opened the door. I did not want to clean up an indoor mess from a 200 pound dog.

Chris often lets Duke out, patiently waits by the door while Duke does his thing, calls him, and Duke prances happily back into the house.

Things initially seemed to be going as planned. Duke did his thing, I called, and he began to lope back in my general direction. I breathed a sigh of relief. A bit too early. Duke hung a left and took off into the swampy part of the orchard.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Suddenly I found myself putting a soon to be screaming baby into her crib, dashing off to put on my rain jacket and pants, and unable to find my galoshes. I quickly settled on an old pair of running shoes and took off into the swamp after Duke.

Within several steps, both shoes had been completely submerged. Sweet. Good thing I didn’t have long pants on under my rain pants.

After a few more steps, I lost one of my untied shoes in the quagmire. You know when the mud just sucks the shoe clear off of your foot? Awesome.

I freed the lost shoe and continued in pursuit of Duke. When I finally caught him he was soaking wet and covered in mud. We made our way back to the house where, strangely, I stood in the rain and hosed him down.

Of course Kai was as upset as I was by the end of that whole ordeal. Thankfully she settled down quickly and we were able to continue with our day.

Next up was grocery shopping. Not much to tell there, the fun began when we got home.
You guessed it.

As I came into the house, arms full of groceries and a car seat, I left the door between the house and the garage open for just a second. Our kitchen is about five feet from that door and the plan was to leave Kai and the groceries in the kitchen floor while I went back to reach into the garage to close the garage door. In that split second while I slid the car seat and grocery bags off of my arms, Duke escaped.

He went bounding towards the pond with me trailing steps behind him. For some reason, he stopped short, dropped to one hip like he was sliding into home plate, and skidded across the wet, muddy grass. Careful not to do the same thing, I reached his side a moment later. Excited to see me, he began rolling in the mud, feet in the air like he thought he would get his belly scratched or something.

Fat chance.

Back to the hose we went, fortunately not in the pouring rain this time, for Duke’s second bath of the day. Lucky for me, Kai slept through this one.

I kind of felt like I had my hands full that day. Although things have gone smoothly since then, at that moment, Chris could not come home soon enough!

  1. Lisa said:

    Never a dull moment with the big dog! I’m sure it was awful at the time, but you have a gift for telling a great story. Hope Duke behaves himself at least until Chris gets home. Good thing you were wearing old shoes in the swamp!

    • Brit said:

      Yes, fortunately I have more old running shoes than I know what to do with. That was the “nicest” used pair, but I think it has suddenly been demoted to sub-lawn mowing quality!

      Poor Duke needs more time playing fetch and running around the yard. It is tough to do when I am home alone with Kai though, especially when it is raining. When I can get her to bed with a bit of daylight left, Duke and I go out and play fetch, but I think she is starting to catch on to this whole sleep when it is dark out thing, so it has been a challenge.

  2. …and I’m not longer upset about our much easier to keep clean cat, although he is super annoying in the AM! But yeah, I totally know what kind of mud that is that just sucks your shoes off – not fun!

    • Brit said:

      I still can’t believe the mud in my yard. It can get ridiculous. One time I got our (4WD) tractor stuck. Chris brought out his big Jeep (35″ tires + 6″ long arm kit) to pull the tractor out and got that stuck. Fortunately our friend and his dad were working on a fence across the street, they took pity on us and brought over a much bigger tractor to get everyone unstuck. I still hate mowing that part of the yard because I feel like an idiot the few times a year that it swallows up the tractor.

  3. Stephanie said:

    What a great story. Although, it may not have been funny for you at the time, you had me laughing!!

    • Brit said:

      It was definitely one of those times where it is pretty amusing as long as it isn’t you. 🙂

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