It’s my first time

That’s what my doctor told me Tuesday morning as he drilled into my pelvis to take a bone marrow sample.

He was kidding, of course, he followed up with a “well, today anyway”. As far as he can recall, he has done in the neighborhood of 3000 of them, so I was in good hands. Chris was quite relieved that the doctor ordered a bone marrow biopsy as he wanted to cover all of our bases. He may have secretly been curious about seeing medical power tools in action. When it came down to it though, I think that Chris discovered that he was pretty grossed out by watching the doctor extract a bone marrow sample with something that very closely resembled a miniature hole saw. Kai seemed unphased by it and just babbled away in the background.

Tuesday was my first meeting with the lymphoma expert and it went quite well, all things considered. He was able to tell me that it is Stage 2XB, which basically means that the mass is more than just the initially affected lymph node, that it is a bulky tumor, and that I had secondary symptoms (namely night sweats). He sent me off for a battery of additional tests such as another CT scan, a pulmonary function test, an EKG, and an echocardiogram. The CT scan was to assess tumor growth, while the other tests were to establish baseline heart and lung function so that we can monitor whether the chemo is affecting them.

This morning we met with him one last time, at least for a little while, and got the go ahead to start treatment in Indiana as soon as possible. On Monday I will meet with an oncologist at home to see if he is willing to collaborate with the guy in New York and deliver the treatment. I’m fairly certain that he will, if not, I’ll keep asking around until I find someone who will.

I also need to find out if the guy in Indiana will make me get a port. A port is a titanium implant that can be inserted into your chest that chemo can be delivered through. The New York doctor recommended that I don’t get one as he anticipates that I will only receive 8-12 treatments in total, but that decision will likely be made at the discretion of the Indiana oncologist.

Long story short, we finally have enough information to get started, probably in the next week or two. I won’t lie, I’m kind of terrified, mostly of the impending hair loss. If that wasn’t on the agenda I would be feeling pretty good about the situation.

  1. LifeisBeachyKeen said:

    The Surgeon I work for does port placements – Often times the Oncologist may recommend it to the patient, but when they come to us the Surgeon goes over the pros vs cons. What he recommends, but ultimately leaves the decision up to the patient. Ultimately it’s your decision.

  2. Kate said:

    Good luck as you begin treatment. I love your straightforward attitude. You’re going to do great!

  3. taratru said:

    Good luck in everything! I know things are going to go well.

  4. Nancy Sharpe Taylor said:

    Brittany, we are all thinking of you and know what a trooper you are. Keep your chin up and we know you have the best attitude to make it through this bump in the road. Hugs to Kai!

  5. Bryan and I are here for you, Chris, and Kai and always will be… We will do whatever you need us to do. Anything we can do to make things easier, please just let us know and we will do it.

  6. Good luck sweetie. You know we’re rooting for you!

  7. Stephanie said:

    Good luck! Thinking of you!!!

  8. Bets wished Brit! Thinking about you and still sending every good vibes I have to give….

  9. Lisa said:

    I hope the port decision works out in the best way for you. Good luck deciding on the hair stuff. Thinking of you; I wish there was something else I could do for you.

  10. abi said:

    We’ll be praying for you, Brit! xoxo

  11. Good luck, Brit! We’re thinking of you!

  12. osulori said:

    We’re all here for you and sending craptons of good wishes…stay strong!

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