Run: February 27 – March 4

Last week was a pretty big running fail. Try as I might, it just wasn’t happening. Chris was in India until Thursday, which meant that I was on solo Kai duty for the first half of the week. In addition to Chris being away, I had a few other schedule disruptions, which I might get into another time, that sealed the deal for making excuses not to run.

Friday morning we packed our bags and headed Down Under. I had dreams of running on Sunday when we got here, but when the reality of jet lag set in, that plan was quickly dismissed. I don’t have high hopes for getting much running in this week either, I’m going to write it off as a rest week and anything that I can squeeze in will be a bonus.

Monday: 3 miles, 27:02 (Avg. 9:01/mile; variable speeds)
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 3 miles, 25:48 (Avg. 8:36/mile; variable speeds)
Thursday: 3 miles, 26:34 (Avg. 8:51/mile; variable speeds)
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

Weekly Total: 9 miles
Average Pace: 8:49/mile
February Total: 59.94
March Total: 3
YTD Total: 118.2

  1. Lisa said:

    Sounds like your running week went about like mine; only you were probably busier. 🙂 Enjoy Australia, relax, and just be active when it works. Definitely don’t stress about running. I still think your come back to exercise (and looking great) after baby is pretty amazing!

    • Brit said:

      Thank you! And yes, I’m just going to have to give myself a pass this week. In fact, I may have a pretty lame next few weeks of running.

  2. jillybean222 said:

    Maybe your mileage wasn’t what you wanted it to be, but 3 workouts is 3 workouts – I call that a good week in my house!!!!

    • Brit said:

      You’re right! Plus, last week’s three is going to be better than this week’s none. If we had packed the Bob I might have gotten to run, but it is entirely too large for air travel.

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