Run: February 20 – 26

This wasn’t such a great week for running. So much for getting five runs in. I have no excuse, really, yesterday I wore my running clothes for a solid five hours and just didn’t do it; this is pretty rare for me, so I’m going to give myself a pass, but no excuses next time.

Instead of running yesterday I did fun things like pack a week worth of breakfast and lunch, lay out Kai’s clothes for the week, and keep Kai upright for hours on end, as she only to seems to feel comfortable when she is being held vertically. Although we tried to avoid it for the past month by trying alternatives, Kai was prescribed reflux medicine today. Hopefully that will make her a happier, more pleasant baby.

This past week was fairly windy, so we only made it out with the jogging stroller once. For a second week in a row Chris logged the fastest stroller mile in 8:28; I had trouble keeping up even though I wasn’t pushing anything. That mile was a net elevation loss with the wind at out backs, but it was impressive nevertheless. I think he was in a hurry to get to his man-date in our neighbor’s garage. 😉

Overall, I feel like I put in quality runs except for Monday’s trudge-fest, so hopefully that makes up for shorting myself one.

Monday: 3 miles; 30:00 (Avg. 10:00/mile)
Tuesday: 3 miles; 26:29 (Avg. 8:50/mile, variable speeds)
Wednesday: 3 miles; 27:18 (Avg. 9:06/mile, with Chris, Kai, and Bob)
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: 3.3 miles; 30:00 (Avg. 9:05/mile, pickups @ 8.0)
Sunday: rest

Weekly Total: 12.3
Average Pace: 9:15
February Total: 53.94
YTD Total: 109.2

  1. jillybean222 said:

    Finally, I ran more than you in a week!!!!!!!!!!

    I was anti-drugs too, but Prevacid ended up being a miracle drug for DD #2’s reflux. She is a healthy and thriving 3 year-old now so I guess we did the right thing 🙂

    • Brit said:

      Great job with your runs last week!

      If Kai’s so cranky because of reflux, I’m ready to try about anything at this point. She can be quite a handful! We have given serious thought to getting an au pair to help during the overnight, but maybe we just need Prilosec. Time will tell.

      • Yll said:

        You’re right! Plus, last week’s three is going to be better than this week’s none. If we had peakcd the Bob I might have gotten to run, but it is entirely too large for air travel.

  2. Lisa said:

    Hope Kai’s medicine helps her out. I think 4 runs is still pretty solid!

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