Fly away

That flight that I was worried about? So not a big deal. Kai cried for a total of maybe five minutes. Not five minutes straight even, but like 30 seconds here, a minute there. I guess that isn’t perfect, but it far exceeded my expectations.


[Yes, Chris wears flip flops in February.]

I took a cue from all of the people I have seen flying to Asia with their babies in slings and other close to body wraps. In this case, I used a Moby. It kept Kai feeling secure and allowed both of us to get some sleep!

[I am under no delusion that the return trip will go nearly that smoothly.]

  1. jen said:

    yay for Kai! 🙂 She’s gonna be a natural frequent-flier! Way to go!

    • Brit said:

      Fingers crossed that she will fly as well tomorrow!

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