Back on the horse

After totally freaking myself out while running outside on Wednesday, a few people commented that maybe I shouldn’t write it off entirely. At first, that sounded like crazy talk, but when we had a third unseasonably warm day in a row, I found it difficult to submit to the treadmill. Instead, I opted for a different stretch of bike path running through a neighborhood where I suspected there would be a lot of stay at home moms.

My guess was right. I felt much more safe running there where I continually passed women with strollers and/or dogs. It probably didn’t hurt that I remembered my bear mace and brought a cell phone. [Still not my silica gel encased iPhone. :-(] Anyway, it was much better, which is totally a relief because it is going to be warm once again today. You can guess where I will be this afternoon. Or where I will try to be anyway. I have a lot on my agenda for today and have to squeeze it all in by 5pm.

Yesterday’s run was a bit slower than the last few because, naturally, it was in the most hilly part of my whole town. Pushing the stroller up hill is tough, but I still think the downhills are worse. My fear of running down hill with the stroller causes me to put on the brakes big time, which is totally killer on my quads. I have a feeling that I will relax about this some over time.

Today I’m going to visit Kai’s daycare for the first time. Chris checked it out a few weeks ago and was extremely impressed. I hope I feel the same way as there is no turning back at this point; her first day is Monday. Chris said that even for six week old babies, they have lesson plans. I think hers will be pretty basic like having books read to her and tummy time, but I was still surprised. Is that normal for <2 month old babies to have lesson plans at daycare?

Chris is convinced that they will be more nurturing than we would be. I'm not sure, but I do know that I have only squeezed book reading into our day one time. She obviously didn't understand the book, but she did appear to be looking at the pictures.

Tonight we will do our first flight as a family of three. I am kind of terrified. Our plane is scheduled to depart exactly 30 minutes before evening meltdown time. We might make some enemies. At the very least, I will probably be on edge the whole time anticipating the arrival of her blood curdling screams. <– Totally the wrong thing to do. She will sense me being high strung and act crazy for sure.

Wish us luck!

  1. Lisa said:

    Good luck with the flight! I’m also glad to hear you found a neighborhood you felt better running in. It’s a shame to be stuck indoors on lovely days.

    • Brit said:

      Agreed. Sadly, I wasted my window of opportunity for running outside today. 😦

  2. Oh my, your last post had me giggling, even though some of that definitely wasn’t a laughing matter, Thanks for making me feel normal (I run with a hammer the stroller basket because we have some scary dogs in the neighborhood). Poor little Kai and her toe. Trimming those itty bitty nails can be so nerve racking. You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t.

    Glad you found a better neighborhood for running. Daycare is a good thing for little ones. They teach them so much there I would never think of doing at home.

    Good luck traveling tonight. Don’t worry, this is a great age for travel. Most likely she’ll sleep in the carrier. If not, she’s so itty-bitty people won’t mind the fussing. They’ll be fascinated. Bring losts of Purell and a blanket to cover the carrier….as you know, stranger love to paw at infants.

    • Brit said:

      I feel better that you run with a hammer. I considered putting my Maglite in the stroller basket, but felt like I was pushing enough heavy objects.

  3. jen said:

    yay for safe places to run 🙂

    And I’m sure your flight will be fine! 🙂 Just feed her often. I was a wreck the first time we took K on a flight (Bangalore to Madras – only 30 minutes, but seemed like a 10-hour flight in my head) – he, on the other hand, did great. And I’m sure Kai will do awesome, too! Good luck!

    • Brit said:

      Our flight is about two hours, which could seem like forever. We’re working our way up. The next one is to the west coast, then we go international next month. I think we just have to take it one flight at a time and remember that how one flight goes may not be at all indicative of how the next one will be.

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