Manic monday

Monday Tuesday/Wednesday

Wednesday 20:00 – I finally had a happy sleeping baby.

Wednesday 19:30 – Chris resorted to taking Kai into the bathroom to listen to the fan while he ‘concentrated’.

Wednesday 17:00 – The screaming fest began moments after I hopped out of the shower.

Wednesday 15:30 – Kai and I completed what may be our last run with the jogging stroller for a while.

Wednesday 15:20 – I ran through the tunnel on the bike path with a giant carabiner clutched in my fist, ready to defend myself with my makeshift meathook from the could-be attacker in the tunnel. Wished that I had brought my bear mace, or better yet my cell phone so that I could call for a ride back to my car.

Wednesday 15:15 – I promise to myself that I will never take Kai out running by ourselves ever again.

Wednesday 15:10 – I feel horrible and irresponsible as I make a beeline out of the tunnel on the bike path. There was one creepy-a** dude in there squatting on the ground fidgeting with something.

Wednesday 15:00 – So excited for the opportunity to run outside in shorts and short sleeves in January!

Wednesday 14:35 – Admit that I do not actually need 485 baby pictures.

Wednesday 14:30 – Realize how many baby pictures are on my phone; actually cry about the phone.

Wednesday 14:20 – Decide to pack my phone in silica gel and move on with my day.

Wednesday 14:15 – Retrieve my iPhone from a (cleaned 10 minutes ago at least) toilet; briefly consider crying about it.

Wednesday 12:30 – Pick up ‘refurbished’ ski jacket from the furrier. I had the ruined faux fur Eskimo trim around the hood replaced with Indigo Fox. It looks amazing and for the same expense as buying a new jacket would have been.

Wednesday 10:00 – Discover that I weigh much more than I ever have before in spite of looking better than I have in a few years. Try to convince myself that it is because I was weighed in jeans, cowboy boots, and a sweater. Try to convice myself that I shouldn’t be upset since I was quite happy with how I looked before I had a number to attach to it.

Wednesday 8:30 – Somehow make it out the door in time for my 9:00 post partum doctor visit.

Wednesday 5:15 – Wake up to baby screaming over baby monitor. Just in time for Chris to leave for work.

Wednesday 4:30 – Finally get Kai to sleep and crawl back into bed.

Wednesday 2:00 – Wake up to baby screaming over baby monitor. Feed and change…several times over the next few hours.

Wednesday 0:30 – Crawl back into bed. Can’t sleep. Convinced that CPS will come after me.

Tuesday 23:45 – Kai is sound asleep. Stain treat nearly every cloth surface in the crib. Start laundry.

Tuesday 23:20 – Give up on single handedly cleaning and bandaging cut baby toe. Enlist Chris for help.

Tuesday 23:16 – Feel like the ultimate jerk. How did I let this happen? I knew her nails needed trimming and filing.

Tuesday 23:15 – Return to unswaddled screaming baby to find blood everywhere. Discover that the toenail on her pinkie toe is to blame. It looks like a sharp edge of it caught on something and ripped too short while she was kicking herself unswaddled.

Tuesday 23:10 – Place screaming baby in crib. I need a break. I need to use the bathroom. I want to put on a sweatshirt. I want to eat something.

Tuesday 22:00 – Conference call ends. Begin a more serious baby soothing routine.

Tuesday 21:00 – Dial into conference call, screaming baby in lap. Pray hat she will have brief quiet moments when I need to talk.

Tuesday 20:50 – Change clothes. Clean carpet in nursery. Big areas of carpet. Like two areas the size of hand towels. Start laundry. Take back angry baby.

Tuesday 20:46 – Just steps from the crib, Kai makes a chirping noise. Watch as what appears to be a gallon of spit up completely coats the front and back of my shirt. See two more waves of spit up fly through the air and land on the carpet. [This could not have happened on the wood or tile floors we just passed over?] Yell for Chris and pass now screaming baby off.

Tuesday 20:45 – Thank God for sleeping baby, just in time for my conference call. Carefully make my way to the nursery with Kai to place her in her crib.

Tuesday 19:00 – Start bedtime routine well in advance of my 9pm conference call. Does not go as smoothly as I hoped.

  1. Wow, look what I have to look forward to. hehe. You’ve had a rough couple of days.

    • Brit said:

      You are going to have an angel of a baby who sleeps through the night right away without even needing to be swaddled. I’m sure of it.

  2. Lisa said:

    Well, one thing is for sure — never a dull moment! Hope things calm down a tad. I’m certain little Kai’s toe will be a-okay. The phone? Well, I dropped my iPhone in a bucket of milk once. I uncased it and set it in a bowl of warm (but uncooked & dry) rice to let dry out. And I’m still happily using the same phone a year later. Good Luck!

    About the creepy dude. I honestly would not let one weirdo scare you from ever going out with the stroller. Be safe, go during daylight, take a phone (and maybe mace if it’s legal) but don’t be held captive by fear. I’m sure this is easy for me to say without kids, but I really hope you can find a safe & happy solution.

    • Brit said:

      I’m going to try running on a different part of the bike path later today. We have nearly 30 miles of it in my town, so I will try a stretch that is in a housing development instead of the one on the outskirts of town that I ran on yesterday.

      Get back on the horse.

      • Lisa said:

        Good for you!! 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous baby. So hard to balance life with kids…looks like your doing it!!!

  4. jen said:

    oh my…that was a harsh couple of days. 😦 I found that trimming nails on babies is much easier when they’re asleep – I actually still cut K’s nails/toenails when he’s napping. Hope the rest of your week gets better (and you get more sleep!)

    • Brit said:

      I trimmed her finger nails a few days ago while she was sleeping, but I felt like it was pressing my luck a bit to attempt the toes during the same nap.

      Fortunately last night I got significantly more sleep than I did on Tuesday night. It is amazing how dramatically different things can be from night to night!

  5. Mama mia said:

    Hold on baby! This too shall pass!!! Your doing good!! The fun is just around the corner. Hopefully when I am babysitting in Tahoe, haha.

  6. Jill said:

    You (seem to) have a good sense of humor, at least! Sounds like a rough couple of days!

    • Brit said:

      It was just one of those days. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and hope that the next one works out better. Today >> yesterday

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