Second place

Yesterday morning the stars finally aligned for a run with the jogging stroller. Kai was fed, I was fed, Duke had been to the bathroom, the temperature was warm enough, I did not have meetings for several hours, and one of my two (that fit) sport bras was actually clean and dry.

Impossible, no?


It was my first time ever running with a jogging stroller and I must say that it was hard work! At this point pushing it on relatively flat [Hello! I live in Indiana!] ground is not too big of a deal, but the inability to pump my arms normally while I ran really did me in. I never would have guessed that it would make such a big difference.

Kai, Bob (the stroller), and I did a total of three miles on an out and back course. The return leg was much easier for me, in part because it is an ever so slight downgrade, and in part because I finally became bold enough to swing one arm and push with one arm on the straightaways. [Of which there were many. Thank you flat Indiana!]

I completed my run with an average pace of 9:42/mile. Kai and Bob beat me by a nose. At the end it felt like a huge accomplishment, I had basically moved a mountain. In retrospect, I’m not sure what pace differential I should expect with a stroller. Like was that the equivalent of speed work? Was it a lazy stroll? I’m guessing that the answer to this lies largely in the terrain that I covered.

Maybe the stars will align again today and we can go for another spin this afternoon!

  1. Lisa said:

    Nice work!! That pace seems pretty awesome to me for your first stroller run.

  2. Dana said:

    She looks so snuggly and comfy 🙂 Great job on the run – sounds like a great pace to me for your first time out there with the stroller.

  3. Great work! I attempted a few runs with my Bob before giving it up. It was a pretty decent two for one special and I always felt that my arms got a decent work out too.

  4. Chatelaine said:

    I wish I had invented this

    I don’t have kids but jog past people with strollers on the trails all the time. The no arm pumping deal looks incredibly uncomfortable. Heck, when I used to run with my dog I’d tie her to my waist so I could still pump my arms!

  5. Glad you made it outside with Kai! I’ve watched a few people run with strollers and considering how much runner’s use their arms it just looks hard! Plus all that extra weight?! I give a ton of credit to anyone who can do it and hopefully if I ever end up as a mother I can manage it…although sometimes just running takes too much coordination for my little brain!

    I think you finished in a very respectable 2nd place! 😉

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