Run: January 23 – 29

This week was a pretty solid week of running for me. My average pace has slowly, but steadily been increasing over the past few weeks as I get back into running shape and I seem to be ramping up without causing any injuries. I have been better (but admittedly still not great) about stretching, which can only help matters.

Yesterday’s run with my local running group was challenging in a good way for me and ended up being a big confidence booster. I wish that I could run with them more often, but it will be difficult over the next two months or so as we have a lot of other weekend plans.

Kai got cleared for riding (in her car seat) in the jogging stroller a few days ago and the weather looks promising in the next few days for her to go for a spin. She totally plans to wear her compression socks after our runs. I’m surprised that she doesn’t have nicer running gear than I do yet, I’m pretty sure that some of her regular clothes and shoes are nicer than mine. Go figure.

Chris continued his running streak for a second week in a row in preparation for his big race in March. While I pounded the pavement with the running group, Chris lulled Kai to sleep with the sound of the treadmill. Less than two months until race day!

Monday: 3.15 miles, 30:00 (Avg. 9:31/mi; 10:00/mi base pace w/6 x 1:30 pick-ups @ 8:34/mi)
Tuesday: 3.00 miles, 30:00 (Avg. 10:00/mi)
Wednesday: 3.23 miles, 30:00 (Avg. 9:17/mi; random pickups)
Thursday: rest
Friday: 3 miles, 30:00 (Avg. 10:00/mi)
Saturday: 4.83 miles, 45:55 (Avg. 9:30/mi; running group)
Sunday: 3.33 miles, 30:00 (Avg. 9:00/mi; random speeds)

Weekly Total: 20.54
Average Pace: 9:32/mi
January Total: 49.26
YTD Total: 49.26

  1. Again, I know zero about pregnancy and childbirth, but holy heck, woman! You seem to be leading the recently pregnant running blogworld with your amazing return to running post-childbirth. Badass.

    • Brit said:

      Haha. Thanks! I have no idea what ‘normal’ is, but I’m just doing the best I can.

  2. Great week of activity.. Keep it up!


  3. Lisa said:

    Pretty fantastic! That’s a very solid week of work. I think you’d definitely be ready to tackle that 1/2 with Chris is you want to. So glad to hear you have a group to run with too. That’s something I’m always vaguely looking for, but still haven’t found yet. Good luck with the jogging stroller endeavor.

    • Brit said:

      I don’t know if I am ready for a half then. I am way too goal oriented to run just to run and I doubt that I will be in good enough shape two months from not for a PR.

      I need to make my final decision soon; they limit the half to 800 people, so I would imagine that I don’t have too much time to think about it.

  4. Jill said:

    Brit, you should do the Indy Women’s 1/2 in September. My friend lives out there and I have never visited her b/c she comes here so often, but I decided it’s time – 9/1/12, Indy, here I come!!! Only $25 until tomorrow at midnight!

    • Brit said:

      I didn’t even know that there was a women’s half in Indy! $25 isn’t a huge risk to take either. I am nervous about crazy hot/humid weather, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world to ‘waste’ a $25 race if I felt too wimpy to run it.

      • Jill said:

        exactly!!!! september is a long time from now – you might even get a good night’s sleep between now and then 😉

      • Brit said:

        Haha. I don’t know. I am beginning to think that we have a colicky baby. She fits the description of screaming more than three nights a week for more than three hours at a time for no apparent reason. Sunday night she screamed from midnight until 5 AM no matter what I did.

      • Brit said:

        I’m all signed up now. It did not require much egging on.

  5. Jill said:

    The first year is pretty difficult even w/ the easiest of babies so when you get a “special” baby, well, it’s even harder! The middle of the night scream fests are the worst – those events always prompted me to wonder what I got myself into…

    I’m sure you tried a lot of things but I always liked the sling or moby wrap…I could pace the hallways of my house hands-free at all hours of the night. That is all the unsolicited advice I will give you but if you have any questions you want to bounce off me, feel free. I am not an expert, but I have three kids that were are pretty “special” and we all survived!!!

    • Brit said:

      I alternate between a sling, the Moby, and the Ergo so I can strain my lower back slightly differently each night and have my hands free to surf the web on my phone.

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