First time out

We had two big firsts in the last day or so. Kai had her first dinner out last night. She didn’t eat anything, she was content to sleep through the whole thing. I was pretty amazed. When Chris suggested it I was fairly certain that one of us would end up out in the car with her while the other rushed through dinner with our friends.


I suppose that my first wasn’t really a first, but it was the first time since returning from India that I ran with my local running group. When I woke up this morning to 34 degree temperatures, a light wind, and freezing rain, I almost talked myself out of going. The weather was not all that appealing, plus, I was kind of scared that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with anyone.

When I met the group, there were many familiar faces and a huge number of new ones. Crazy how things can change so much in such a short amount of time. I found a few ladies that I had run with before and decided to see how long I could stick with them; hopefully at least until the 4 mile turnaround.

It was a huge struggle, but I hung with them for 2.4 miles until the water stop/turn around. They were going 6 miles, so when I turned around I ran back with a different group who also pushed me to my limits. By the time my car was in sight, I was both elated that I stuck with them and so exhausted that I was in disbelief that I didn’t stop to walk all that way.

4.83 miles/45:55 <– Very good for me right now. My longest post-India/baby run to date.

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  1. I think that counts as a very solid run! Great job on getting out there, nothing like a group of runners to keep you moving!

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