Passport photo shoot

If you think you hate your passport photo, I can’t wait to hear what Kai has to say about her first passport photo someday. Over the course of two photo sessions, Chris and I did our best to capture her image in compliance with U.S. Department of State Passport Photo Standards, the most difficult of which were to make sure that the picture was taken in full-face view directly facing the camera with a neutral facial expression and both eyes open.

Haha. Yeah right.

I’m not sure if they’ll accept this or not, but it was the best that I could muster and involved restraining her to keep her hands out of her mouth. Pretty wild looking. I swear that she is cuter in person than this photo reflects; this event was pretty miserable for both of us.

The first photo shoot last night with Chris was kind of fun because it was amusing to look at the pictures that we were getting versus what we were trying for. When it seemed like crying was eminent, we gave up for the night.

This morning it was crunch time and I was determined to get a compliant photo, no matter how long it took. I am pretty satisfied with the result except that I had set out on this endeavor in pursuit of a cute picture that fit the bill. Let’s just say that I decided to adjust my expectations after a few minutes.

Now to guess what color eyes she has for her passport application. I think we’re going to list her as a blonde with blue eyes. At this point her hair is definitely blonde, but her eye color is solidly up in the air. Two days ago I was convinced that they were turning blue, but yesterday they definitely looked brownish. No idea yet; I am excited to find out!

Kai’s first international travel experiences should be pretty exciting, but not necessarily in a good, relaxing for Chris and I way. I have to go to Australia again in March and, since I am her only food source, she will be coming too. (Chris will also go to watch her.) Hopefully we are not completely scared off from travelling with a baby after that 16 hour flight from LA to Melbourne because we have signed her up for a jaunt to Paris in April.

These are reckless, irresponsible plans. Hopefully we can get Business Class upgrades for our own sanity.

Go big or go home, right? [I’m sure I’ll have some exciting (but not necessarily good) update stories.]

  1. jena said:

    Oh boy, that sounds like quite the adventure you are going on! Kai’s passport photos are much better than mine. I look like a crackhead. My eyes are bloodshot from my contacts, and i just look a hot mess. I hate passport photos. The one before the most recent one I looked like a criminal. The lady made my pull my hair back, so that was ugly, then i had pinstrip scrubs on..oh, real cute. ugh.

    • Brit said:

      Passport photos and driver’s license photos are always extra special. Somehow i always end up getting mine taken when I haven’t showered yet too, which makes me look like a total grease ball.

      Kai, sorry I didn’t bathe you before your picture!

  2. oh god, that passport photo is ultra cute!
    I’m sure you’ll get a smile from the the officers at the passport control every time 😉

  3. jen said:

    Love the photo! 🙂 I’m sure Kai and my little guy could trade passport “horror” stories (hehe)

    Awesome that you guys are traveling with her so early – it’s SO much easier when they don’t crawl or walk. We’ve been traveling with our son since he was 3 months old (he went from India to Hawaii at 6 months, did the reverse at 8 months) and has been on 60+ flights (both domestically and internationally) in his 18 months. Just remember to bring an extra set of clothes for both you and Kai (and maybe Chris) and lots of extra diapers while on your long flight. And yes, if you can upgrade to Business, it’s worth it to be able to put them to sleep on a flat bed, rather than those baby cots. 🙂

  4. Kierstan said:

    No matter how old or how young, it is just a law of nature that you have a crappy passport photo. I mean, a really crappy one since you have to bear with it for 10 whole long years.

  5. Papa said:

    I needed a laugh and this made my day!

  6. Heidi Nicole said:

    Those photos are hilarious! I would be horrible at getting the right specifications for photos like that at home…I’m sure she’ll love you forever for these beauties! But then, everyone is basically required to look their absolute best for all federally issued ID. I looked like a complete stoner in my first passport photo…its only slightly little better now!

  7. I feel like she should be holding up a placard with her prisoner number on it or something.

    • Brit said:

      My thoughts exactly. It looks like a mug shot, huh?

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