The new normal

Today was our first day of the new ‘normal’, well, for the next few weeks until I go back to work anyway. Chris hit the road for work bright and early leaving me with a just-fed, sleeping baby and one whining dog.


At first I was upset that he had not taken Duke out yet because I was forced to crawl out of my warm bed at the crack of dawn, suit up in my waterproof down jacket, and parade Duke around our backyard in the freezing rain. I would typically just open the door and let him out, but that has not gone all that well this week.

On Tuesday morning when I let Duke out off-leash, he ate cat poop. I should care about that more than I do. I am not all that concerned that he ate it, I mostly just care that he promptly came back inside and puked cat poop all over my floor. Poop puke is arguably the worst doggy bio-matter that can be ejected onto one’s floor. Eww.

Yesterday morning went only slightly better ending with Duke swimming in the pond and emerging with a chest-deep coat of pond-smelling mud. That landed him in the garage for quite a while until he dried.

Crazily enough, actually walking Duke seemed like the most logical option by this morning. After a quick trip outside, I realized that having to get up and walk Duke was really a good thing because I was up, Kai was sleeping, and I thought I might have enough time to run.

I quickly got ready, dragged the bassinet into our treadmill room, and got started. Today’s run went much better than Monday’s, probably because I didn’t eat fondant for dinner immediately before running this morning. [Who would have guessed that eating like twelve servings of fondant before running would make my stomach upset?] I made it 2.25 miles and felt great.

It is kind of weird running such short distances, but, going against my typical inclination to quickly ramp up mileage, I am committed to easing into things. My foot finally seems to be healed from that nagging stress fracture and I really shouldn’t push my luck with it again.

After my run, I managed to race through the shower, dry my hair, and put on make-up before Kai decided to begin her day. Hopefully this really can be the new normal. I would love to get a short run in each morning. It did wonders for my outlook on the day and gave me a sense of accomplishment on a day that was an endless cycle of pumping (I’ll explain in another post), diaper changing, feeding, burping, swaddling, and pacing my living room with a baby in my arms. With any luck the endless pacing will not remain part of the new normal.

  1. It’s really encouraging to me that you seem to be getting into a routine so soon after giving birth. That’s one of the things I fear most about the weeks that will follow after bebe arrives: that it will be total chaos.

  2. Lisa said:

    Sounds like a good normal! And ooff, Duke really has been getting in trouble. I agree w/ your philosophy though. We let Calvin off leash all the time at the farm, but at our house it’s just easier to parade him around on a leash, no matter the weather. Because then at least we can get him back inside again!

    Love this picture; so lovely. And awesome run. Even though I’m still childless, I’ll sometimes do quick 2 milers because it’s all I can squeeze in that day. And something is SO better than nothing.

  3. jen said:

    Yuck for dog vomit of any kind. 😦
    Kai looks so comfy in the Moby! That and my Ergo were lifesavers the first few months with K around.

    • Brit said:

      I could not live without the Moby. I don’t think she is quite big enough for her Ergo yet, but I imagine that will be a lifesaver also!

  4. Dana said:

    awww sounds like someone isn’t quite happy with the new addition and wants more of mommy’s attention!
    Love the pic of you and Kai 🙂

  5. In my book 2.25 miles on the TM is like…10 miles on the trail! And yeah, poop puke = gross!

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