Christmas cheer

Lately I have been asked a few times if I had my Christmas Cheer yet. While I think that is an odd question, I decided over the weekend that I had better get some. My first week back in Indiana was pretty cold and rainy and did not really elicit much of a Christmasy feeling.

By Saturday evening it started to set in that Christmas really was right around the corner. I could see brightly lit Christmas trees shining through most houses’ windows as I drove through town and nearly every mailbox was adorned with a red bow of some kind. I began to feel like my house was the lone Scrooge house on the block. Bah-humbug!


Finally, with Chris’ blessing to engage in solo tree trimming, I summoned the energy to put my Christmas tree up. Ok, not exactly true, there was no energy summoning. Before I got started I thought putting up the Christmas tree would be no big deal. After all, we only have four small boxes of Christmas decorations, how complicated could it be?

A few minutes later I found myself in our garage pulling out cars, moving bicycles, and taking the ladder down off of the wall. Even with the ladder, it was a stretch for me to reach some of the items that were on the top shelf in our garage stashed deep in the corner.

Finally, with all of the boxes down, I was exhausted and ready to throw in the towel ready to get started!

Following proper Christmas tree trimming protocol, I began stringing up lights. Luckily, they were not tangled because Chris insisted on buying a spool to wind them onto. Just one problem, they were wound onto the spool backwards. Note to self: Wind lights from bottom to top when putting them back onto the spool this time. No big deal.

With the lights on the tree, I gleefully plugged them in to see a brightly lit tree a partially lit tree. Everyone knows that you should test the lights before putting them onto the tree. Duh. After checking nearly every bulb on the tree, I found the missing bulb and began dumping boxes of Christmas “stuff” out all over the floor in search of the spare bulbs. Fortunately we had saved them. Unfortunately, they were at the very bottom of the last box that I emptied into the floor.

With the floor covered in ornaments, beads, ribbons, garland, bows, and who knows what else, I began to get overwhelmed. What had I gotten myself into? Ugh.

Who needs all these adornments on their tree anyway? Bah humbug!

After pressing the missing bulb into my chain of lights and seeing the whole tree light up, I began selectively packing up tree trimmings.

Four different kinds of beads? Meh.

Bows? No go.

Mantle decorations? Eh.

Finally, I settled on some ornaments and a spool of ribbon and began systematically hanging ornaments onto the tree dividing them by shape, color, and texture to ensure random looking coverage. My gosh there were a lot of ornaments!

As an aside, this is probably über tacky, but I was really loving our plastic Christmas ornaments as several of them slipped to the floor without breaking. With two dogs prancing around the Christmas tree, I can’t imagine using “real” ornaments.

By the time I put the ribbon on the tree I wasn’t exactly feeling my Christmas Cheer anymore. I knew that I still needed to return the boxes of Christmas “stuff” to their homes on the top shelf of the garage, move bikes, cars, and rehang the ladder on the wall and just the thought of doing all of those things made me feel drained. The ribbon could use some work, it looks like a five-year old put it on the tree, but I am pretty over it at this point. Maybe Chris will fix it for me when he gets home.

Next year this will definitely be a group activity!

  1. Stephanie said:

    Your tree is beautiful!

  2. You are just a ball of energy. I think the tree looks great!

  3. Kierstan said:

    It looks much better than my {non-existent} tree!

    Nice work lady! I would have given up after seeing all the boxes up in the rafters.

  4. Brit said:

    Thank you all, you’re too kind! It will do the trick. At least now I can say that I have my Christmas cheer. 🙂

  5. Anonymous said:

    Good job Brit! Just imagine next year when (in addition to dogs) you have a child running around who likes to pull on stuff! We had to attach our tree to the wall this year so she can’t pull it over, only decorate the top two-thirds and put the lights on a timer so she can’t reach the cords. But, I gotta say, it was all worth it when I saw her eyes light up the first time she saw it! Kids definitely help get you in the Christmas spirit!

  6. I think your tree is beautiful! I really like the ribbon.

  7. Lisa said:

    It’s lovely tree! I’m sure Chris will appreciateit when he arrives home to a Christmas-y house too!

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