Going against conventional wisdom

For the past few mornings I have found myself waking the sleeping dogs.


I am convinced that I have the only dog in the world who needs a wake-up call to go outside in the morning. He is basically a teenager.

“Hey Duke, time to get up.”
Go get on coat.
“Duke, let’s go potty!”
Tacia prancing about excitedly in the background.
“Duke! Let’s go!”
Finally lifts head. : : Um, seriously, I’m sleeping here. Do you know that it is 6 AM? : :


A few days ago Duke got a new bed, which Tacia Immediately commandeered, so, in an effort to give him a reasonable place to sleep he also got a new carpet. Pretty lucky guy that nearly half of our bedroom is dedicated to his sleeping quarters.

I’m getting pretty excited for Chris to get home and take over some of dog duty. It isn’t so bad in the middle of the day, but it is starting to get pretty frosty in the mornings here. This morning I went outside to see a frozen pond and a temperature of 23 degrees. Brrr. It seems to warm up a decent amount during the day, I haven’t checked the temperature, but the pond melts each day and refreezes each night, so I would say that we are probably hovering around freezing +/- 10 degrees, a huge difference from South India temperatures.

I arrived home to new neighbors to our east who have a pretty clear view of my dog walking venue. In addition to being surprised by the size of their furry new neighbor, I bet they are amazed by the number of layers that I don to walk him. I’m pretty sure that I have been wearing warm enough clothing to endure several hours at below zero temperatures when I go outside for just a few minutes. It just feels so cold! I am beginning to understand those crazy people from Florida who run in long pants at 50 degrees.

Hurry home Chris!


  1. Jena said:

    Ha Ha Ha. I thought for sure you linked my blog in the Crazy Florida People. Ha ! I don’t usually wear tights until it’s down in the 20’s. (which rarely happens). I usually where capris if its in the 40s but shorts if its anything over 50.

    However, I do have people in my running group that are in 2-3 layers if its in the 50’s.. no way. that’s crazy talk!! I get tooooo hot.

    How nice of you to put a gigantic carpet for Duke to sleep on. We aren’t nice enough to let Diva & Wyatt sleep in our room. Although, i did wake up yesterday morning to find both dogs asleep in our room. I was asleep at 8:30 (i’m secretly a 100y/o lady).. and he let them sleep in our room. I walked in the bathroom Sunday morning and saw Diva laying on a towel .. I said, “Oh, really?” Chris woke up & laughed. heh.

    I can definitely understand wanting the Hubs home to help w/ the dog responsibilities. Chris has been gone the last 2weeks in a row (home on the wknds) and it gets overwhelming sometimes…and i’m not 8mths pregnant. Your Chris will be home soon!!!

    • Brit said:

      Since getting back to the US, I have been going to bed super early. As in, I’m lucky if I make it through Jeopardy each night. Pretty funny.

      I probably shouldn’t have started the dog sleeping in the bedroom thing ever, but when Chris and I first started living together he said that Tacia either had to sleep in a crate or in the bedroom where he could keep an eye on her. I think he was nervous that she might eat my stuff or something. I felt bad leaving her in a crate at night, so the precedent was set. Neither dog comes near the bed though, they know that they are floor dogs. Definitely big-time boundaries there!

  2. Dana said:

    It’s tough when all the dog responsibilities fall on one person!
    We don’t let the dogs sleep in our room with us … mainly because Arthur is a PITA who feels the need to get under the covers with us and proceed to push me out of my spot! However, they do have their own room with their own queen sized bed — spoiled much? LOL!

    • Brit said:

      Chris slept in bed with Duke at a Red Roof Inn once. Duke stretched out and pushed Chris right out of bed. He is a pretty active sleeper!

      In theory, it should not be so bad to take care of the dogs by myself. In practice, it seems like I am spending all of my free time prancing around my back yard with a giant yellow dog.

  3. Anonymous said:

    My dogs are the same way. I have to wake up the one to go out in the morning while the other is at the door ready to go. Some dogs are just strange.

  4. That is funny that he needs to be woken up! We have one dog that sleeps in our room and the other sleeps in a kennel. The one that sleeps in our room always wakes up first and shakes – which wakes up the other one who starts rattling around in her kennel to be let out. They are always up before me. It’s annoying. But I have found that if I feed them and let them out, they’ll go back to sleep for another couple of hours. So that’s what I do when I want to go back to bed after they’re awake.

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