Bye bye Chennai – A follow-up

There were a few comments left in response to my Bye Bye Chennai post that I wrote on my way home to the US that I want to follow-up about.

In response to Jena at Life is Beachy Keen:

Yes, it can be a big problem to fly in Asia while pregnant. The restrictions vary by airline and by country, but some are as strict as requiring a doctor’s note, written no more than three days in advance of your flight, anytime after the 28th week of pregnancy. Getting a doctor’s note before heading out on a trip is not a huge problem, but producing a recent doctor’s note for the return flight can be somewhat problematic unless you happen to visit a doctor during your trip.

Back in October when we visited Oman, I had a few nervous moments at the Muscat airport when I answered them honestly about what week of pregnancy I was in and how old my doctor’s note was. Needless to say, I got on my airplane, but I was a bit freaked out about flying on that airline again and extra conscious about my outfit choices for future flights. We decided at that point that I should wear Chris’ hooded sweatshirt through all airports from then on just in case.

Several of you empathized about my frustration with getting charged an outrageous extra bag fee:

Try as I might, I was not able to recover my entire $208 baggage fee. After talking to both Lufthansa customer service and Continental customer service on the day of my flight, I felt fairly confident that it would be refunded in full. Unfortunately, I was only able to get half of my money back. Better than nothing.

In retrospect, it might be worth the $108 that I will not get back to have the bag here in the US. Chris has been having a difficult time getting the return shipment for our household goods scheduled and with him returning to the US in about one week, I do not feel exceedingly confident that they will be shipped before he leaves Chennai. So far the plan is for him to take lots of pictures of our stuff before he leaves it and for him to pack as much as he can in his bags as well. It is just a little bit scary to think that he might leave India before our stuff does. As much as I have had a love/hate relationship with my bike and bike trainer over the past few months, I sincerely hope to see them again soon!

Flying in the front of the plane:

Chris wanted me to point out that, unfortunately, we are not ballers and we have never purchased business class tickets for ourselves, this was part of a corporate relocation package and as far as I know, the last time I will ever fly in the front of the plane. Other than the outrageous baggage fee, it was a pretty sweet experience and especially wonderful since I feel like I’m as big as a house right now. For the record, Continental has the best business class of all of those that I got to experience during our stint in India (the others were Emirates, Lufthansa, and Malaysia) because the seats lay completely flat and horizontal.

Me being MIA:

Ok, nobody asked where I have been, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

Since arriving in Newark last Wednesday, I have been pretty busy. Ok, not really, but it feels that way. I spent Thursday and Friday visiting with my family, which was really awesome. I’m lucky that my family is fun and that they want to hang out with me.

Saturday I had a baby shower, which was pretty exciting. Of course it was fun to get some gifts for the baby, but more importantly, I had a really good time seeing some of my mom’s friends, especially ladies who I have known for all or most of my life. It was cool to hear baby advice and stories from them and I really enjoyed hearing about how their daughters and sons, many of whom grew up with me and my brothers, were doing.

Finally, on Sunday, it was time for me to head back to Indiana. My dad and I left his house by 4 AM to drive back here with the dogs. We made good time, not quite record time, but certainly a record with dogs who need to get out and walk now and then. He thinks for sure that it was because we packed a cooler and avoided stopping for food. I think it is because of his 33 gallon gas tank. Regardless, we made it back to Indiana by 4:30 PM. Not bad.

Since then, I have been getting back into my groove with working from work as opposed to working from home. It isn’t so bad in the morning as my jet lag has me awake by 4:30 AM or 5:00 AM each day, but being coherent until 5:00 PM and beyond (in one case until 10:00 PM) for meetings each day has proved to be difficult. I’ll get there.

Lastly, I have devoted a huge amount of time to getting my internet working again. After dedicating approximately 8 hours to that activity between buying and returning modems, troubleshooting on the phone, and waiting for a repair guy, I am finally up and running again! I feel much more motivated to write blog posts now that I can do it on my computer rather than on my cell phone. Something about cell phone blogging is not quite as fun to me.

Oh, one more (un)important thing. I had my first super awesome haircut/highlight in about 7 years while I was in NJ. I can’t explain what exactly is different about it, but even strangers have been commenting on my hair. Those of you who know me in person know that I am not one of those “awesome hair” people, so this is pretty cool. I may have to revert to my old favorite NJ hair salon for all future cutting/coloring needs. I should take a picture to include with this post, but my eye liner is all smeared, it looks like I have two black eyes, and washing it off sounds like an insurmountable task right now. Just trust me, my hair looks 1000x better than my eye makeup.

    • Brit said:

      Thanks! It is really nice to be home! I’m loving ‘normal’ grocery shopping so much! I bet you understand. 🙂

  1. Brit said:

    So I just noticed the irony of my own post. Considering that New Jersey has quite a reputation for, um, special hairstyles, it is pretty funny that I am getting so many compliments on my NJ ‘do. No, it isn’t huge hair. No ‘Bump It’ either. 🙂

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