Red eye blues

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sir, are you flying on Malaysia Airlines? Is that a skateboard?


Riiight. Chris said to cut the guy some slack. My middle of the night cranky pants wouldn’t comply.

Last night was my second to last time leaving MAA after midnight. As usual, the bathroom was soaking wet, with no toilet paper. Do you think I remembered mine? Nope. Naturally I didn’t realize the toilet paper problem until I made it a half liter into my giant bottle of water. Hydration is that important.

On the bright side, traveling in South Asia during the pre-dawn hours of Thanksgiving is far less crazy than doing so in the US. I suppose that is something to be thankful for. We made it through our overnight flight to Kuala Lumpur with minimal sleep, but reasonably good attitudes. Just one more flight to Denpasar!

If all goes well, I’ll be able to hunt down some pecan pie sometime today. Last year I am pretty sure that I managed to single handedly eat an entire Costco pecan pie over the course of Thanksgiving weekend. Although it wasn’t homemade, a family tradition, or even particularly special in any way, I am totally jonesing for it’s corn syrupy goodness.

What Thanksgiving treat are you most looking forward to?

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  1. Hope you enjoyed some serious bonding on a plane with no sleep! And hopefully you find that pecan pie and that it tastes relatively “american”!

    I’m looking forward to a day of nothing. Family is back home, we have no plans and no work and while we are seriously considering snowboarding I’ve heard horror stories about the crowds…neither of us really like people that much. Although I do predict a very productive day – I was up at 4:30am without an alarm and laundry is already started!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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