A new low

I think we have reached a new low. This morning after I finished my first early morning conference call I asked Chris if he was going to make coffee.

“No, Babu didn’t come yesterday, so the coffee pot is dirty.”

But I kind of wanted coffee. I broke down and *gasp* cleaned it myself. Crazy concept, right? Before you get the idea that I am ragging on Chris, please note my coffee drinking vessel.


When I realized that all of our coffee mugs were dirty, I decided that drinking coffee from a Nalgene bottle was perfectly acceptable. Wash a dish? Riiiight.

This train of thought seemed perfectly logical until it occurred to me that I will be back home in ten days and suddenly the responsibility for cleaning and washing dishes will fall on me again. As often as I have expressed frustration about Babu coming into our apartment when we didn’t want him here or not cleaning up to my standards, I think I’m going to miss him.

Chris will certainly be bummed to return to his normal morning ritual of cleaning the coffee maker and ironing a shirt each morning before work. It is obviously much nicer for him to have Babu do it for him.

It is pretty crazy how our attitudes have transformed over the past few months. When we first arrived here, I remember talking about how I felt guilty having someone clean up after me. Obviously, as many people suggested that I would, I have gotten over this.

On a more positive note, I imagine that Chris will stop losing shirts when he starts doing them himself again. We’re not really sure where they are going, as Babu never delivers other people’s shirts to Chris, but Chris definitely has fewer shirts now than he did when we arrived. My theory is that if they get messed up in any way during laundering that they just disappear. Pretty annoying, but not all that surprising. Even the cleaner in Indiana does not like to own up to the shirts that they wreck. [Hence the reason for Chris ironing his own.]

I’m sure if Chris reads this he will totally agree that we need a daily housekeeper in Indiana. I’m sure it is totally affordable and justifiable. ::Eye roll.::

  1. Jena said:

    Heh, cleaning your own coffee pot..who does that? At least when you get back home you’ll only have your laundry to do for a little bit, right? Chris doesn’t come home w/ you, does he? You can slowly transition back into washing a few dishes, and doing a little bit of laundry. It doesn’t sound like you have much laundry anyways, with your 3 pieces of pregnancy clothes that fit! … I can’t believe your time there is almost over – it went so quickly.

    • Brit said:

      Yeah, I’ll be flying solo for a few weeks. The dishes at home aren’t such a big deal because we have a dishwasher there. I think most of the reason I don’t like to wash dishes here is because our tap water looks brown coming out of the faucet and smells like a pond. By not washing them I can pretend that it is only the shower that is afflicted with those problems.

      • Lisa said:

        Gah! I would want to pretend too.

      • Brit said:

        Yeah, no joke.

  2. Haha, I thought Babu was banished after the couch incident. I always send all of DH’s shirts to the dry cleaner too. With all the pleats and creases, it’s worth my time to pay someone else to do it. I’d be really upset shirts never came back though!

    How are you over 30 weeks preganant already? You haven’t slowed down one bit. Are you home for good in a few weeks or just for the holidays?

    • Brit said:

      Home for good in 10 days!

      I banished Babu from all rooms except for the kitchen. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around hand washing dishes when I have someone to do it for me. I also don’t know where he takes the trash to, although I suppose that I just could have asked. Nobody likes to take out the trash though!

  3. Lisa said:

    I’m sure once you have a cleaning person it’s hard to go back. I feel like w/ a new baby coming you deserve one back in Indiana!

    • Brit said:

      I’m totally telling Chris that! 🙂

  4. Heidi Nicole said:

    I think a house cleaner in IN is totally acceptable…and necessary. Right?
    It’s crazy how quick we fall into routines.

    • Brit said:

      Absolutely necessary. Everybody’s doing it, right?

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