Sleep wins

As excited as I was to watch my two favorite teams play football last night, sleep won. I stayed up crazy late on Friday night, I think it may have been past 10 pm [I’m pretty sure that my sleep patterns mimic my grandmother’s], then got up super early on Saturday so that I could call home before it was too late [on US Friday night]. Anyway, I was full of pizza and zonked out before the Purdue game even started and had no hope of seeing Penn State play. Chris was an early bird this morning and got to watch some of USC [his favorite team other than the Boilers] vs. Oregon before going for a surf [or trying to anyway, he drove an hour there to find out that it was blown out]. I remember him waking me up and telling me that it was on, but I rolled over and went back to sleep. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten up. Oh well. We were able to catch the tail end of the game to see an SC win!

As bummed as I was that I missed the two big games that I wanted to see, I was stoked to see that Penn State beat the Buckeyes! We are!

Ok, enough about football.

This afternoon we engaged in our weekly meat eating ritual, this time at Spice Market, an all you can eat, carnivore’s dream. Maybe carnivore’s dream is an exaggeration, but you can eat as much grilled chicken and tenderloin [and grilled squash too!] as you want. A real treat in a land where our grocery store does not even sell meat. Even more exciting than the chicken though is the gelato in no less than ten flavors and with unlimited toppings! I’m usually solidly against eating at buffets, but this is one that I can get onboard with.


Tonight I hope to start packing my two giant suitcases for my trip home. Most of my clothes are either work clothes that I don’t wear since I work from home, India inappropriate dresses, and now too short t-shirts, so I can pretty easily pack up 90% of my wardrobe and not miss it. My mom warned me that my t-shirts would get too short, but I denied it away until a few weeks ago. Many of them are starting to look like too small shirts on fat men, you know, when their stomach starts to peak out of the bottom. Yeah, not my best look. I have had to retire most of those to protect my delicate ego. 😉

I have no idea what I am going to wear to work when I get home, should be interesting. I may have to stretch the boundaries of appropriate work attire and wear jeans once a week. So far I have managed to only acquire three maternity clothing items, black dress pants, a black dress skirt, and a pair of jeans. Did I ever mention that Chris was super awesome and researched top rated maternity jeans then surprised me with a pair of Mama J’s? Two thumbs up for Chris!* By the time I get home I should only have six weeks to go, so I can’t really justify spending money on more clothes by then.

*For the pregnant to be, I totally recommend, even if you buy nothing else, splurging on one pair of awesome jeans. They are the single clothing item that makes me feel like a normal human being on days that I feel particularly whale-like.

Only three more days before we escape to Bali! [Not that I am counting down or anything.]

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