Breakthrough moment

After missing out on watching the first nine Penn State football games of the season, Chris got a tip via a co-worker in Japan, that we could watch them online at Kind of a bittersweet moment considering all of the press that the Nittany Lion coaching staff and university administration have been getting in the past few weeks. I’m still thrilled to watch the Lions play, but I am saddened by the scandal. I can only hope that it is more benign than the media is making it out to be.


The first game on our agenda tonight is Purdue vs. Iowa when Chris and I plan to cheer on our joint alma mater. We already have pizza on order and non-alcoholic champagne on ice for the event. I think Chris would prefer beer, but that isn’t as easy to buy for home consumption in Tamil Nadu as one might expect. Pretty much a non-issue for me being that I can’t drink it right now anyway.

In all honesty, the Penn State vs. Ohio State doesn’t kick off until 2am India time, so it will be a struggle to stay awake long enough to watch, but I’ll certainly try my hardest. I have a feeling that Lori will be watching! Unfortunately, she will probably be rooting for the wrong team. I’ll forgive her because she probably doesn’t know any better.

Also on our agenda for this wild Saturday in Chennai was some souvenir shopping. Since my stay here is coming to a close, Chris thought that we should pick out something to bring home with us that we both liked. We ended up with a painting and a fertility elephant. I should have taken pictures of them before the store wrapped them up safely for transport. I’m pretty excited about the painting, it is the first one I have seen here that I really liked. Hopefully we will be more energetic about framing it than we have been about our painting from Africa that is still sitting in our guest bedroom rolled up.

Since souvenir shopping was not exciting enough, we decided to head to the sari store next. It was super intimidating for me because I am clueless about saris, the store was jam packed with people, and it was staffed by men who only spoke minimal English. Fortunately Chris learned a thing or two about saris when he went shopping for Diwali with one of his co-workers. I was instructed to buy a double sided, 100% Kanchipuram silk sari. Even narrowing it down that far, it was amazing how much different the fabrics could feel. Some were quite soft, my preference, while others felt pretty stiff. In addition to texture, they came in a rainbow of colors, some even with a two-toned sheen. Blue was my color of choice, and I would say that it was sari success! I still need to try one on to see if I can fold/wrap it. I haven’t been quite that energetic yet.

Off to watch the Boilers! More importantly…Let’s go State!

    • Brit said:

      One from Rm. K. Visvanatha Pillai and two from Nalli. Everyone needs three saris, right?

      I’m glad that Chris took me to the place that you recommend!

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