Chris has always accused me of overconsumption of things like dishes and clothing. He will readily offer accounts of me managing to use all 47 of our spoons and of me dirtying all of the “good bowls” in a 24 hour period. [We should have 48 spoons, but there was a spoon casualty. Derek, if you read this, I’m looking at you. Haha.]

Good bowls are a hot commodity in our house, so I can totally understand his exasperation when they are all dirty in the sink or dishwasher. He’s probably dead on with my bowl usage, but I’m pretty sure that I the spoon thing is an exaggeration.

Chris, on the other hand, prefers to prepare and eat many of his meals while leaning over the sink as to eliminate the need for plates altogether. When there is no way to avoid using a dish, he will almost always “save it for later” on the countertop next to the sink in case he wants to eat off of it again later that day. I’m of the mindset that you can’t “use up” dishes because they’re reusable, but he prefers to conserve them anyway. To each his own, right?

So what is the point of all this babble? I have run into a problem with my bike shorts.

No segue needed, right?

Ok, fine. In the past few weeks it has become increasingly uncomfortable to ride my bike. I’m not sure if it is a weird pregnancy symptom or just a symptom of me having an extra ~15 pounds sitting on my bike saddle, but it has become really unpleasant lately, almost like my first few painful weeks of bike riding. Anyway, in an effort to continue riding, I have begun doubling up on bike shorts. I have been using one pair that looks kind of like black adult diapers under a traditional pair of bike shorts, the cumulative effect of which is a sight to behold. If you think that wearing one pair of bike shorts makes your rear end look puffy, just try wearing two pairs at once. Looks notwithstanding, it seems to do the trick.

Great, problem solved! Right?

Not exactly. You see, my arsenal of bike shorts has dwindled from five pairs that fit to just three leaving me with a one day supply using the dual-short method. Initially I hoped that I could rewear the outer pair once stretching my supply to two days, but no dice. It turns out that I am a swamp monster on the bike and can sweat through two pairs of shorts. Gross.

I am totally empathizing with Chris on the used up “good bowls” now as I race to get my bike shorts washed and air dried in time for tomorrow’s workout. More importantly, my countdown to Indiana has taken on even more intensity as I look forward to some non-bike cardio! I wonder if I can still run? I haven’t tried it in a month or so. I’m leaning towards yes, depending on how you define the term “run”. [In this context run = slow shuffle wearing super dorky running gear to alert bystanders that it is in fact a run, not some kind of injured limp down the bike path.]

  1. Lisa said:

    You are dedicated! I’m guessing good bike shorts aren’t cheap, and they would probably be hard to find in India. Only a few more weeks until you won’t have to wash shorts everyday. 🙂

    • Brit said:

      Good bike shorts are $$$$, which is probably why I have one good pair, three crummy pairs, and one pair of Chris’. 🙂 I am not particularly excited about riding the bike trainer anymore, but I know that I get cranky when I take too many “rest” days in a row. Exercise definitely improves my attitude. Just ask Chris. 😉

  2. Only another two weeks of rocking out your extra tush padding, you can make it!
    And I think I would go crazy with 5 months of mostly biking, especially if my other option was a run on a TM! You’ve done awesome so far to keep up with your cardio!

    • Brit said:

      I’m pretty over it. A few weeks into this cycling marathon I thought that I might train for a winter century ride or something, but after months of indoor riding I do well to make it through one hour per day. I can’t wait to run outside. I’m already plotting a “run” Chris’ running tights when I get home. It will probably be a pretty pathetic effort, but I don’t even care, I just want change!

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