Excessive padding

This morning I had another go around with Chris’ favorite new toy. We are off to the Maldives in a few hours, well I am anyway, Chris has still not arrived home from his trip to Italy. Fingers crossed that he makes it back to Chennai in time!

Due to his quick trip to Italy almost immediatly after our return from a weekend in North India, I had the pleasure of packing this thing. I’ve never packed a surf board before, I’m hoping it holds up ok in transit. Chris instructed me to buy some tape to hold the padding (um, looks like pipe insulation to me) on and to make sure that I “put extra padding on the nose, tail, and rails”.

Sure. Got it. Minus the tape part.

Yesterday I went on a mission to find tape, but I never did come up with any. I have no doubt that you can buy tape in India, but our driver doesn’t know the word tape, which made it pretty difficult for me to track any down.

Speaking of excessive padding, I was feeling kind of whale-ish for a beach vacation and I thought that some new clothes might make me feel more attractive next to my trim friends on the beach. I ended up buying three new t-shirts and a dress instead of tape. Almost the same thing, right?

A good idea in theory, but it didn’t quite go as planned. Don’t get me wrong, the clothes look and fit far better than most of the other things that I have here, but the girls working at the mall did not do any favors for my ego. I am convinced that I look like a gianormous monster to the women here. I am already far taller than most of them and the extra appendage that I am growing on my midsection does not exacly strengthen my case for looking petite.

My first stop was at the Guess store to try on a stretchy, empire waisted sundress. The saleswoman suggested that instead of the size medium I was holding I may be interested in an extra large. Sweet. Thanks. I had been debating between small and medium. XL had not even been on my radar. [The medium fit just fine TYVM.]

I think my ego has fully recovered from this event. I can at least take heart in knowing that my denim shorts from pre-pregnancy still fit. [Sales lady – I am not a whale!] This pregnancy business has definitely been an interesting adjustment. I’ll be honest, I’m really looking forward to being ‘normal’ again.

Back to surf board packing. This is complex stuff and that felt like an extremely high pressure task. Not only is there money at stake (I’m pretty sure if the board gets ruined we’ll be buying another one), but Chris’ entire vacation happiness hinges upon my ability to get the board there undamaged. [No, that is not at all overly dramatic. If you know Chris, you know this is true.]

Why did I sign on for this again?

After padding the waxy side with numerous tubes of pipe insulation and the nose and tail with bath towels, I got started filling in the bottom side of the board with Chris’ clothing. I feel pretty good about the packing job with one exception – it weighs 54 lbs. You’ve got to be kidding me. So much for complyting with that typical 50 lb. weight limit.

Whatever. Not redoing it. Surf board packing was a far more behemoth task than I could have ever imagined. Plus, I’m not sure what to take out anyway? Padding? Chris’ clothes? Ugh. Hopefully the scale at the airport is off.

Off to the Maldives I go! [Hopefully with Chris in tow!]

  1. jena said:

    Oh dear – That is quite the task you were in charge of. He should have packed it before you left for North India..or did you meet him there? I think I’d be a leeetle worried to pack something that had so much happiness depending on it. eek! Hope you & the board made it to the Maldives unscathed!

    • Brit said:

      We’ll see what happens! We are in transit right now. I feel minorly stressed about it.

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