Delhi day

I had big plans to write about our trip to Oman this morning, but my laptop and the Delhi airport internet are conspiring against me. Laptop + WordPress = DENIED. Apple seems to have my best interests at heart, but unfortunately, my pictures are not on my iPhone. On second thought, I am probably fortunate that they are not because I don’t think the phone camera could do Oman justice.


Instead of showing you some awesome pictures of Oman, I’ll treat you to a collage of self portraits. This is the picture that started it all. It began so innocently with me using the camera on my phone as a make-up mirror. We left our apartment at 4:15 this morning, so I hadn’t bothered to put on any make-up or do my hair.

Ok, let’s be honest, I haven’t put on any make-up in about a week and I decided that it was time.

Plus, I thought it might make my hair look better. 

You see, this really started after one trip to a well-lit bathroom in the airport alerted me to the fact that I needed to get my act together and look like a real human being. Between working from home every day and relying on a dimly lit mirror as the only point of reference for my appearance, I clearly had no idea what I looked like. Amusing and embarrassing all at once.

Apparently my avoidance of all hair maintenance including hair cuts, hair products, 20111026-121811.jpgand hair appliances [and maybe even brushes] for the last four months has not been ideal. Fortunately, I have been blissfully oblivious to that fact.

Kind of ironic considering that for much of my life I have been accused of looking at myself in any reflective surface that I pass by.

20111026-121755.jpgChris, should have spoken up about this huge oversight on my part. Gently. I’m very sensitive right now and I would probably cry. On second thought, perhaps that is why he did not speak up. Chris is a really smart guy. Yet another likely reason why he didn’t say anything.

Anyway, this led to an experiment in self photography. It is amazing how self portraits can highlight all of the strange nuances of a person’s face. Or at least of your own face. Other people’s self portraits always look gret to me. In all fairness, it probably doesn’t help to have Chris around to heckle you while you are in the midst of an important self awareness exercise. Thanks Chris.

In an effort to appease him, I made sure to photograph both sides of my face, not just the “good side”. I didn’t know that I had a good side. Not sure if I should be happy that one side is good or disappointed in the other side. [Kidding. So was he.]

I think the hair in the face look suits me best. The moral of this story: I need to elevate my grooming habits above those of five year old left to care for herself. Tomorrow, I’m going to get crazy and break out a hair dryer!

Tomorrow I might also run in Kathmandu! The weather is supposed to be perfect for a run. Not sure about the traffic conditions yet though. I have a feeling that my idealistic notion of Kathmandu is much more tame than the real deal.

Do you take self portraits? (I do sometimes, but I try not to.)

Do you think they actually look like you? (No. Who is that person in those pictures?)

  1. Jena said:

    hahahahaha — I was trying to take a self-portrait on Monday because I need/want to put a new one on my blog. fail. major fail. My smile is so jacked up – one eye looks WAY bigger than the other, then there are the 10lb bags underneath. Then, it just looks all posey, and stupid. .. I usually hide out in the bathroom, or go outside where there is better lighting and hope that chris doesn’t come looking for me. He did bust me editing the pictures and made fun of me. ugh. so. there is no picture on my blog right now. I’m still working on the “perfect” self portrait.

  2. I hate the “camera at arms length” self portraits, and I’m no longer interested enough it photography to get a good self portrait. But because it’s so interesting to readers, and seems to put the blogger in context, I’ve been making an effort to include more pictures of myself, whether they’re self portraits or not. I think that having a photo of the blogger front and center really means something, because you’re connecting with their lives, versus how I don’t care what NPR anchors look like, because they’re just telling me stuff about the world.

    Plus, since seeing how beautiful wordpress makes things on an iPad, I’ve vowed to include one picture (of something, anything, even a graph) with every post at least.

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