Forecast calls for rain

Last night when Chris finally left work around 8:30 PM, I expected that he would be home within an hour or so. I headed to bed by 9:00 because I live a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and stay up super late like that. When I woke up at 10:00 and still hadn’t seen Chris, I began to worry. Where was he anyway?

It turns out that it was raining, a fact which I was blissfully oblivious to, and that rain slows down his commute considerably. This morning I woke up to find out that it took him over 2.5 hours to drive each way due to semi-flooded roads. Keep in mind that his commute is only 15 kilometers, about 9.3 miles.

Absolutely crazy. I could run there significantly faster than that.


Unfortunately, I don’t think things are going to get much better for Chris in the foreseeable future. According to his co-workers, “The monsoon has settled over Chennai.” I’m not quite sure what to make of that statement, but it doesn’t sound like a particularly good thing for Chris and his commute. Lucky for me, I only have about 16 days that I will actually be in Chennai before heading back to the US in December. Chris, unfortunately, has many more than 16 days of work remaining here in Chennai.

In other exciting weather news, you might notice that the daily high temperature has become much more reasonable. Don’t let it fool you, the humidity is a staggering 94% creating a heat index of between 100 and 120 degrees!

I still can’t believe that I brought three different pairs of running shoes here thinking that I might find a nice park to run outside in. Haha. Not this heat/humidity wimp. In more exciting running news, we are headed to Kathmandu in the morning where I am expecting far more reasonable temperatures and am contemplating getting in a run or two. Um, assuming that the altitude doesn’t make me wimp out.


Off to charge my Garmin!

  1. Jena said:

    It sounds like your Chris should have packed a kayak in the things you could bring so his commute to work would be faster on rainy days. My Chris didn’t get home until 12am this morning – but not because of any weather disaster. One of the concrete plants literally fell apart so he, his boss, and some other unfortunate soul were there super late.

    Are you headed back to the U.S. permanently in December? Or just for a visit?

    • Brit said:

      I’m headed back permanently in December. It is one of those bittersweet things. I’m excited to go back, but I am disappointed that this amazing opportunity is coming to an end. Hopefully we will get sent somewhere else new and different in the next few years!

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