Sleepy day

Today is one of those days where bedtime can’t come soon enough. Last night we took a delayed red-eye flight back to Chennai from Oman. It was one of those flights where you swear that the flight crew, and possibly the world in general, is conspiring against you getting any sleep.

Time to Destination: 3:20

The flight started off good enough. Chris and I were lucky enough to have the only empty seat on the entire plane in our row of three! At first, I was just happy to have a little extra elbow room as Chris’ broad shoulders tend to spill over into my territory on airplanes. Yes, I am very territorial with my airplane seat space.  

From there, my quality of flight quickly went downhill.

Time to Destination: 3:12

The night started going downhill when my inflatable foot rest sprung a leak about 10 minutes into flight. I know many people are into inflatable head rests, they are cool and all, but the inflatable foot rest is where it’s at for those of us whose feet do not quite reach the ground comfortably.


Time to Destination: 2:58

I finally got a grip on sleeping sans foot rest when all 23 babies onboard simultaneously started crying. It seems as if they might feed off of each other like an angry mob. [Is our house going to be invaded by one of these screaming creatures?!]

Fortunately, like most people, I always carry ear plugs in my purse for just in case. Sweet relief!

Back to sleep again.

Time to Destination: 2:46

A hand on my shoulder wakes me up and I see a flight attendant with a drink cart by my side. “Ma’am, I need your seat back in the fully upright position for meal service.”

Somehow this did not sit well with me: “Ma’am, it is the middle of the night and it will be difficult for me to sleep with my seat in the fully upright position.”

“Its ok, meal service should not take more than 15 minutes.” She presses the button on my arm rest and pushes my seat back up.

If you have ever had a feeling of frustration welling up inside you where you start to get warm and can physically sense the frustration mounting… “It is not ok. I was asleep and you woke me up and are doing your best to ensure that I will not get any sleep for the next hour or more.”

“I can get you a pillow.”

I would never roll my eyes at a complete stranger in a sarcastic way, but if I was that type, this would have been the time. “Are you kidding me?”  Ok, admittedly that was not much more tactful than an eye roll.

Time to Destination: 2:28

Finally back to sleep when a hand on my shoulder wakes me up again. “Ma’am, here is a pillow.”

I seriously just want to cry. Chris is over in the corner cutting Z’s, seat back reclined. Lucky dog.

Time to Destination: 2:07

Another wake-up call from the flight attendant’s hand. “Ma’am, would you like your meal?”


Time to Destination: 1:48

Guess who wakes me up again? “Ma’am, you may recline your seat again.”

For real? Thanks. I could have figured that out if/when I woke up on my own.

Time to Destination: 1:56

Wait a minute. We’re counting up now? You’ve got to be kidding me. Suddenly, I’m wide awake with a surge of adrenaline. We can’t count back up! Oh, but we can.

How is Chris still sleeping with this counting up nonsense going on anyway? [Perhaps because he is blissfully unaware?] An enraged fury is mounting. This isn’t fair!

Time to Destination: 1:38

The cabin lights are finally dimmed. So awesome. Obviously the best thing that happened all night. I am able to continue sleeping on and off.

Time to Destination: 0:01

We finally arrived in Chennai 25 minutes late at 4:10 AM. Chris was such a good sleeper that he had no idea that we had even taken off late until we landed.

This morning, I kind of feel like I stayed out all night partying and maybe got beat up in the process. Hopefully nothing that a good night’s sleep tonight can’t take care of.

  1. Jena said:

    Oh man that is super annoying! I don’t know if I would have been able to hold my tongue. I’m a total monster when I’m tired! Hope you get some rest today!

  2. shelby said:

    Aaah! I have had this happen to me before on long flights abroad. They wake you up and make you put your seat up for the “dinner service” or whatever. Totally bizarre and annoying!

  3. Dana said:

    The one thing that I don’t like to mess with is my sleeping because I can be a royal monster if I haven’t slept well. I seriously would have just cried if I were in your seat on that plane!!!!

  4. How annoying!
    Although I think you get brownie points for letting Chris sleep! I would have totally woke him up just to complain…but my misery just loves company!

  5. I am too big too fit on a plane, so my only blessing is I sleep like Chris does. (Well, and also that in the time you’ve been on 5-10 flights I think I’ve been on 2…)

    Hope your well deserved bedtime arrived without further incident, and maybe next time get a t-shirt that says “Let me sleep” in every imaginable language.

    • Brit said:

      I feel bad for you being too big for airplanes, especially since they seem to be making the legroom smaller and smaller.

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