Another year

Four years ago today, Chris and I were in Italy taking care of come important business. Exciting stuff, huh?

This year we did not manage to stay in the same city on the big day as I am in Chennai and Chris is in Japan somewhere. Chris, where exactly are you anyway? I feel like that is something I should have asked. Sorry.

No big deal though. As I have mentioned a few times, Chris and I got married twice, so we have two options for anniversary celebrations and, with all of the flowers and sweets he brought home last week, we can count that as a celebration for now.

It is important to be flexible sometimes. 🙂

Tomorrow night we will each take a red-eye flight to Singapore for the weekend, so I think we will count a trip to Singapore as our birthday and anniversary gifts.

Did I mention that Chris’ birthday was yesterday? Happy birthday Chris! Poor Chris spent his entire birthday on an airplane, I don’t envy that at all.

I’m pretty excited to visit Singapore. I’ve never been there before, but I am imagining it as an amazingly pristine city-state where I can brush my teeth with the water and eat food from any street stall I want without worry.

I better research some of those ideas before I follow through with them.

Has anyone visited Singapore? What should we do there?

I have a travel guide book, but I haven’t read much of it yet, I better get on that. I saw that there was a ‘Little India’ and a ‘Chinatown’, but I don’t feel all that compelled to visit those neighborhoods at this point. I’m sure we’ll find something else cool to do!

  1. jen said:

    LOVE Singapore…it’s the un-India. 🙂 Shopping is a national past-time there, but there is also a great zoo, bird park, casino, water activities and so much more! We go every year to get away from India, to eat spectacular food and to just walk, walk, walk! 🙂 You’ll have an awesome time! Happy Anniversary, too! Our 2nd, 5th anniversary (we also got married twice) is tomorrow.

    • Brit said:

      So cool that you have two anniversaries too! Happy anniversary!

      Chris LOVES zoos and we both love water activities, so it sounds like Singapore is our kind of place. Good to know about the bird park, I will bring the zoom lens for my camera. I am really bad about bringing it when I don’t need it and leaving it home when I do. I enjoy an excuse to use it though!

  2. Happy anniversary! Where can I read the story behind having two anniversaries? (It sounds to me like a trick cooked up to get more presents…)

    • Brit said:

      Thanks! It isn’t that exciting of a story…

      When we decided to have our wedding in Italy, it was far easier to have the legal one in the US, then go to Italy for a fancy ceremony. I guess we are just lazy. Or overachievers. Depends on how you look at it. Kind of fun to have two options though, because each year one of us has been out of town for one of the two days.

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