As seen in Chennai

It is still puzzling to me how, in a city where I see so many scenes like these, it is exorbitantly expensive to join a gym and I can routinely see crazy expensive cars like this driving down the street.

Considering the erratic traffic patterns in India, this person not only has enough money to buy a Lamborghini, but also enough money that he is not worried about it getting totally trashed. Even brand new cars here seem to have scratches, dents, and dings almost immediately.

Good for him, I suppose!

Personally, I wouldn’t drive here period. The rules of the road are not routinely followed and their enforcement is even more sporadic and supposedly subject to interpretation. Usually when there is an accident, everyone just keeps on driving. That is, of course, unless one party thinks that they can extort money from the other. You can see an example of that in one of the episodes of IRT: Deadliest Roads when one of the drivers gets into an accident.

So, instead of driving in India, Chris and I are required by his job to have a driver. I haven’t talked about it too much on here, because I feel really weird about it. After all, who am I to tell some dude to drive me around all day? Back in the real world, I feel much more like the person who should be the driver than the one who would have one.

In reality, he doesn’t drive me around all day. In fact, having a driver is a major source of white girl problems. Oh really? Primarily, it is a problem that we went from being a two driver, three car household to being a one driver, one car household overnight.

Sharing a car? You’ve got to be kidding me. Tragic, I know. We have a history of less than harmonious car sharing. It does help immensely that this is for a finite period of time and that I am working from home anyway; I am not supposed to be leaving the house a whole lot.

Lucky for me, Chris is headed to Japan tonight, so I get the car all to myself for the rest of the week. Now for thinking up places to go. Maybe I can find a treadmill that I can pay to run on. I predict that this would come to mind for about half of you. The rest can’t imagine why I would choose that out of all of the activities potentially available to me.

I’m cool like that.

  1. jen said:

    Driving here isn’t all that bad, especially since most people drive under 25MPH. 🙂 I’ve been driving here since just before K was born (I wanted to be able to get myself to the hospital, just in case!). Have you tried Pink (the gym) or going to a club, like the Madras Club or even the Madras Cricket Club to see if you can get a gym-only membership? Might be worth a try.

    • Brit said:

      You’re super brave! I have decided over time that it is a controlled chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

      I haven’t tried Pink, Madras Club, or Madras Cricket Club for gym memberships. Off to Google…

  2. Kierstan said:

    A driver, eh? Fancy schmancy! 🙂

    Hope you find a treadmill to run on for hours on end!

  3. Jena said:

    I think I would go bonkers have a driver, and having to share a car. I wouldn’t want to drive in a country that has a loose interpretation of what their traffic laws mean, but having someone drive me around would make me feel guilty. I would constantly feel like I was bothering the driver, even though it’s their job to drive me around.

    Good Luck w/ the treadmill situation.

  4. Stephanie and I live in a household with 3 cars (inertia is a powerful force, and we just haven’t sold my Mustang yet), and on an average week we use a second car about once. Even that, we could probably dispose of, in a time of need.

    Then again, she and I are way less “ON THE GO” than you and Chris.

    • Brit said:

      We technically only have two cars now because I totaled one right before we left for India. One of the remaining cars is Chris’ less than street worthy (something about a death wobble) rock climbing Jeep though, so I think one of our first missions upon returning home will be to buy a car. I think we could live on one in a more walkable area, but we chose a house in BFE, not in town.

      ETA: I do not help the car sharing situation because of my rigidity about sticking to a particular schedule. Chris is much more laid back about schedule modification than I am.

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