Hong Kong in pictures

Lunch in Hong kong

20110926-051410.jpgBefore we started eating, we were given teapots of hot water to wash our cups, bowls, and chopsticks with. My host explained that sometimes they are still greasy, so it is best to wash them ourselves before beginning our meal. No need to tell me twice. Done.


As I mentioned a few days ago most of my meals here are served family style. Since I don’t read or speak Chinese, I have to trust my hosts to order tasty food for me and politely eat most of the items that they order.

Walking the Streets


Because it was raining when I arrived in Hong Kong, I did not have a chance to explore as much as I would have liked, but luckily I was able to get out some at lunch time.

I am pretty sure that this was the first time that I have ever explored an Asian market with a local. I finally had the chance to ask about things like why they sell dried mushrooms instead of fresh ones. He told me that cooking dried mushrooms results in a much better texture in moist dishes than using fresh mushrooms does. I may have to test that out for myself.

Hong Kong’s Landscape

One of the things that stood out to me most about Hong Kong was how tall it is. there are many pyramid-shaped green mountains, typical of East Asia, and nestled between them are pockets of skyscrapers. Such a striking contrast!

Surrounded by Water

In such a compact city, nearly everyone has a view. It is hard to believe that this photo was taken from a warehouse. Warehouses can be quite tall in Hong Kong, this one was nearly thirty stories tall with an impressive helical roadway going much of the way up it so that trucks are not limited to the ground floor for docking and unloading. Pretty cool.

After my one day in Hong Kong, I know that I would love to go back. Hopefully next time I will have a few more days and perhaps some more favorable weather!

  1. I love the views in Hong Kong. I personally love most cities with a harbour. Great post!

  2. osulori said:

    Glad to hear you like Hong Kong so much…our friend and her husband moved there a few years ago for work and love it there!

  3. I just watched the No Reservations episode where Anthony Bourdain goes to Hong Kong and now I am determined to move there expressly for the food. Enjoy!

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