Getting ready for takeoff

Going to the airport in Chennai is always an adventure. Most of the flights that I take depart in the middle of the night, which typically intensifies the oddities that I encounter.

My adventure began with getting my suitcase checked. It irks me every time, but I have yet to figure out how to pack a bag that weighs less than 7 kg. They don’t seem to check when I fly business class, but I got stuck riding in the back of the plane this time. Sad, sad story, huh?

Yeah, I wouldn’t feel bad for me either.

After passing through security, my first stop was the bathroom. I am not a huge fan of the restroom at MAA because it is BYOTP (that would be toilet paper) and BYOS (yep, soap), yet I end up going almost every time. Usually it isn’t a huge deal, but this time my soap was in the bag that got checked.

Bad planning. Eww.

If that wasn’t enough to make an exciting bathroom experience, I should mention that there was a whole pile of women sleeping on the floor in there. I tend to avoid contact with public restroom floors as much as possible, but who am I to judge. I should have gotten a picture, but there was no way to do so gracefully.

After pacing around the gate area for a short time, I was happy to find a seat at the far end of the terminal, nowhere near my gate, across from this guy.


He seemed innocent enough until he started clipping his toenails. Little bits and pieces were flying all over the place. Why in the airport? Geez.

Suddenly the red-eye flight that I had been dreading for days didn’t seem like such a bad alternative. After all, it would put me one step closer to a halfway decent hotel room. Well, at least in theory anyway.

  1. osulori said:

    No soap/TP in the bathrooms, people sleeping ON THE FLOOR of the bathroom, and dude clipping his toenails in freaking public? Ew, ew, ew, and EW. Can you tell I have never traveled internationally (except for a trip to Niagara Falls and I don’t think that really counts) and have a phobia of all things yuck? Like, say, the spider I found making a web in the keypad opener on our garage door…that confronted me when I opened it to close the garage door before I went on my run this morning? More EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    • Brit said:

      Yeah, the bathroom floor thing was rough for me. I have been known to get grossed out by touching shoes because I know that they have been in contact with bathroom floors.

      I assure you that all international travel and even all of India is not like that. I just happen to pick choice places to be for some reason.

  2. Oh wow… I freak out if someone clips their nails in a car (more so because I hate the sound than the gross factor) so yeah, I would not have handled that well!

    Good luck with the rest of your trip! 😉

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