Craisin smuggler

I’m headed back to China in a few hours. Yippee! Not really. Nobody likes a red-eye flight. Well, at least I don’t think so anyway.

On the bright side, I will be going to three cities in China that I have never visited before. I’m pretty curious about Hong Kong and Shanghai. Hopefully I will get to see a bit more than just the inside of an office! Doesn’t look promising so far, but you never know.


(Sorry for the ugliest picture ever. We have horrible lighting in this apartment at night and my attempts at doctoring the picture seemed to only be making it worse.)

Last time I was in China, I struggled a bit with knowing which foods were safe for me to eat. Between the standard avoid uncooked/unpeeled produce and the extra pregnancy related guidelines about pasteurization, certain seafoods, etc., I was hungry, frustrated, and frequently unsure about my food.

This time around I’m going to take control of my menu, at least in part. No, I am not actually smuggling any food. All of this is legal and legit. I packed breakfast for five days (my standard oats, protein powder, and craisins), an extra scoop of protein powder per day for just in case, and a Larabar per day.

I sound like I’m four. “Seriously, grow up and eat the food.”

Seriously, I’m a bit scared of being sick and pregnant in China. I don’t feel that way so much in India because I have a great deal of control over what I eat.

For example, I went out to lunch earlier today in India and ordered food that I ended up being scared to eat. It turns out that my grilled chicken was in the form of ground chicken, made into a patty, then grilled and not thoroughly enough for my liking. I paid my bill, left the food, and ended up eating lunch at home.

On a work trip in China, that isn’t so easy because most of my food seems to be ordered by the Chinese speakers and served family style. I can only ask “What is this?” and “How was it cooked?” so many times before I either look unappreciative or like a total pain in the neck. I also don’t know when I will get another chance to eat if I do turn my nose up at anything.

On second thought, I may add a few more bars to my suitcase. Wish me luck!

  1. Jena said:

    Oh man, that would be very frustrating. I’d definitely pack a few extra bars in case you get stuck somewhere and need a snack.

  2. I can’t imagine trying to transport 15 bags of non-descript white powder from India to China. I would be worried I’d spend the next 15-25 years getting to know things about the interior of Chinese prisons.

    Re: bad white balance have you tried PIcnik’s “auto fix” button? it does a great job of postprocessing white balance.

    • Brit said:

      So far so good. Hong Kong Customs did not mind my bags of non-descript white powder and neither did China Customs. I may toss whatever is left of it before I go back to India though, just in case.

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