He’s a Hoosier

Ok, technically he’s a Boilermaker. And no matter how long we live in Indiana, he will always lay claim to The Golden State; he still insists on carrying his (probably expired by now) California driver’s license in his wallet over his Indiana one. Nevertheless, Chris is back in Indiana for a few days and I have a feeling that he is happy to be a Hoosier right now. Lucky guy.

Anyone want to make bets on how long it takes him to break out his fishing pole? My money is on Chris having an enough beef to feed a large family on the grill, a generous amount of American beer in the fridge, and his fishing pole out within 24 hours.


Not that I can eat the beef or drink the beer right now anyway. Ok, and admittedly I don’t fish. I feel guilty when I catch them. But still.

He is probably going to spend a whole bunch of time with these guys too.

(Chris, why do you insist on making goofy faces in pictures where everyone else looks normal?)

We have, by far, the greatest neighbors ever. They are watching our house and taking care of our cats while we are in India. How awesome is that?

It took us several months to meet them after we moved into our house because the houses on our street are spread so far apart. Fortunately, (unfortunately?) one night while we were hanging out on our back porch, unaware that Beth and Bryan were across the street doing the same thing, Tacia wandered over there. Bryan called the phone number on her dog tags and the rest is history. She got into big trouble when Chris went to get her and we were very mad at her for crossing the street alone. (She knows better!) In the end though, I am so thankful that she did it.

Have fun guys!

So the burning question: Why didn’t I go with Chris?

Chris needs to be in the US next week for work. I need to be in China next week for work. Figures. Sometimes that’s just how life goes. I may or may not have cried about it for a few minutes after Chris left yesterday. Since then, I have made a decision not to let it upset me again because it is beyond my control.

Looking at the positives:

I have the A/C turned up to 26 degrees right now, that’s 79 degrees Farenheit. Chris is probably sweating just reading this!

I can decimate Chris’ precious supply of Sweet Baby Ray’s while he is gone. [Insert maniacal laughter here.] Don’t tell me that you don’t love dipping your popcorn, kernel by kernal, in SBR’s! The only better popcorn dip is Balsamic vinegar, but we didn’t pack any.

Have fun in the Hoosier State Chris!

  1. Make sure he’s got some tide and cereal packed in his suitcase on the way back. He still owes you for that surfboard!

    • Brit said:

      The Tide is seriously a good idea! He is going to bring back a prenatal yoga video, new sports bras, a rash guard, and a whole list of other stuff for me. 🙂

  2. jena said:

    Your chris sounds just like my Chris.. except I think my Chris would have found a way to bring his fishing pole to India with him. He’s not playing around w/ his fishing – he would definitely want to catch some “foreign” fish. .. yah. Is american beer crazy expensive there?

    LOL @ your sweet baby rays obsession, that is good sauce, but we prefer another brand..which I can’t think of right now.

    • Brit said:

      Chris is contemplating bringing back spearfishing spears. It isn’t enough to just drop a line in the water, he wants to be in the water too!

      You can’t really buy beer, or any alcohol in our state unless you are at a restaurant and all of the alcohol is taxed very heavily here. It doesn’t really matter to me right now since I can’t drink it, but it might be kind of frustrating if I could and wanted to!

  3. osulori said:

    Ha! Jason loveloveloves Sweet Baby Ray’s…the day we found it at Costco is probably one of his top ten happiest moments ever. Let me know if you run out and need giant bottles shipped to you!

    • Brit said:

      🙂 Awesome! Thanks! We brought the Sam’s Club 10 lb. jug of SBR’s with us. So far, we haven’t even made a dent in it. We tend to eat a lot of SBR’s, but that thing is deceptively huge!

  4. Lisa said:

    How awesome that you’ve got some good neighbors back home! And yes, I love SBRs too. We’ve got a giant jug in the fridge… though I don’t think it’s quite 10 pounds.

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