Day at the crocodile park

‘Lost in translation’ has been a common theme throughout our stay in India. For the most part, it has been pretty harmless, and, when exercising patience with it, sometimes amusing. I am typically pretty patient, but anyone who knows Chris might say that he has room for development in this area.

I am convinced that our relocation to India is part of a grand plan or the result of some divine intervention to prepare us for the patience that we will need to have in January when we have a baby. After all, we will both need to be prepared to manage and communicate with a creature who will not be able to speak or understand words at first and with whom we will not be able to reason for even longer. Even Duke was fairly trainable from Day 1. This is surely uncharted territory for us.


A few weekends ago we were trying very hard to have a fun Saturday in Chennai. I picked the first activity, a yoga class at a posh yoga studio nearby. We arrived a few minutes early to find out that the class was cancelled. No problem, there was a yoga workshop going on that we could join instead. The workshop was scheduled to be two hours rather than the one hour class that we had planned, but no problem, after all, it was Saturday.

Upon entering the workshop, the instructor, who ironically was from Chicago, proclaimed that since it is nearly impossible to squeeze a decent yoga practice into just two hours, he would extend the workshop to three hours for us. Great. Well, assuming that you had nothing else on your agenda for the day that is.

Three and a half hours later, we emerged from the yoga studio, ready to tackle Chris’ activity choice for the day.


Chris carefully explained to our driver that he wanted to go to the Snake Park. I had no desire to go see snakes, but I did my best to keep in mind that Chris probably didn’t want to spend his entire morning in the yoga studio.

The Snake Park is quite close to our house. If it weren’t for the crazy road and traffic conditions, I could most certainly run there. Our driver pulled out of the yoga studio parking lot, began heading south towards our house, and then continued farther than we expected.

“Are we going to the Snake Park?” Insert mental image of Chris making snake-like hand gestures.

“Yes.” The driver replied.

Ok then.


Fifteen minutes later and thirty minutes into our drive, we were obviously aware that we were not going to see snakes. Or at least not the ones that Chris had planned on.

“Should we say something?” I asked Chris.

“I don’t think we can now, it has been too long. Let’s just wait and see where we are going.”

The drive continued. After another thirty minutes in the car, our driver finally pulled off of the road into a dirt parking lot with a big crocodile sign. We had arrived. ‘Crocodile Park’ the sign proclaimed.

Close enough. Who knew that there were so many varieties of these giant scaly lizards?

Personal Growth

As we rode the hour back to Chennai, I reflected on our day. It turned out being nothing like what we planned, but that was ok. We were able to roll with the changes as they came and neither of us had any major meltdowns. I’m sure that both of us still have a long way to go with this patience thing, but I am really happy that we are making progress. Hopefully the patience that we develop in India will result in fewer crisis in January when we will be forced to relinquish any modicum of control to the tiny person who will join our household.

  1. Jena said:

    3 hours of yoga? No way! That seems like torture in the form of exercise. So, what was the crocodile park? Just a pen w/ some crocodiles in it? Sounds like an eventful day. I’m sure India is teaching you all sorts of patience. Your experiences at the gym are definitely teaching you lots of patience. 🙂

    • Brit said:

      I have a feeling that Chris was on the same page as you regarding the yoga, although he did not complain one bit.

      The crocodile park was essentially a really tiny zoo with only crocodiles and alligators in it. It would have been really cool if I were a 7 year old boy!

  2. Dana said:

    I’m not sure I’d have the patience to endure 3+ hours of yoga!!!

  3. Lisa said:

    Jealous! I’ve alwasy been fascinated by crocodiles/alligators. These guys look pretty darn cool. 🙂 I’ve never done yoga, but 3 hours sounds pretty darn intense to me. Hope you felt okay through it all!

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