No blinds needed

 As I pedaled along in place on my bike this morning I was feeling really good about my workout. It genuinely was a solid bike ride by my standards, but I wasn’t very far into the workout and I didn’t know what the final stats of the ride would be yet.

For once, I wasn’t judging the quality of my ride by Garmin stats. One look at these foggy doors left me amazed that I was working hard enough to steam up the windows of such a large room, especially considering that I had the air conditioning on and three fans going at full speed.

For the remaining ten or so miles, I repeatedly patted myself on the back for my awesomeness, excited to complete my workout and scroll through the splits on my Garmin one by one. Other Garmin users look forward to doing that after a good run/ride also, right? 


I’m sure I’m not alone here.

When I finally cooled down and got off of the bike, I made my way over to the doors, amazed at how steamy they were, but when I touched the glass it was dry.

Huh? Wait a minute?

I opened a door to what felt like a steam room. Humidity more intense than a typical August day in Indiana. Wow!

The realization that my air conditioning had caused the outside of the windows to fog rather than my initial assumption that I had steamed up the whole apartment with my awesome workout deflated my ego a bit, but that was short lived. My Garmin confirmed a better than average workout and I was somewhat amused by the weather.

94% Humidity! I’m sure this happens elsewhere, or maybe even here, all the time, but I can’t ever recall seeing a humidity reading quite that high. I also can’t recall seeing a temperature reading that low in Chennai.

Maybe we will have a fall after all. Hopefully the perpetual humidity dispells after India’s monsoon season ends.

  1. jena said:

    Yuck! Humidity in the 90’s is pretty common around here. Today the humidity is low, but I’m sure when I go to run 10 miles on saturday the humidity will be up in the 90’s (bc that is my bad luck).

    I definitly stalk my garmin splits ASAP after a run! I’m usually stalking them while I’m doing a cool down walk. I just CAN’T WAIT to find out how bad or good my run actually was! ..totally normal.

  2. Oh my goodness. Gross! Wisconsin was always crazy humid with 80-90% being relatively normal at times but that doesn’t make it any more bearable! I am so glad humidity is rare in Colorado – people complain about how humid it is when it gets to like 30%…silly people! 😉

    And I was totally scrolling through my Garmin stats on my walk back from this morning’s run…like Jena said, totally normal. Right?! {whatever, we are at 3-0 right now, so its is normal!}

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