Out of the dark

It is pretty amazing how a few hours can change so much. If you recall, I hightailed it out of Hardware Lane on Friday night. It looked so cool, but the crowded alley coupled with the overbearing restaurant hosts were a bit too much for me.

Fast forward to Sunday.


Hardware Lane by day is completely different. It is quaint, charming, and somehow reminds me of eating at a cafe in Paris.


By day, the hosts and hostesses are much lower key, the crowds are thinner, and the server was even willing to entertain me customizing my order. Not only could I sub grilled chicken for the smoked salmon that I am not supposed to eat right now, but they were happy to make my salad extra big with double rocket at no extra charge. That definitely would not have happened on Friday night.


In the end, I had a pretty good Sunday afternoon. It was sunny and felt much warmer than it had all week.

After lunch I went on an unsuccessful to buy a white long sleeve rash guard for Chris. No dice. Beggars can’t be choosers, he may have to settle on a black or blue one. For some reason, maybe the fact that it is winter, even stores labeled ‘such and such’ surf shop are not selling rash guards. Go figure. I’m sure I’ll come up with something before I leave.

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