A type a clean apartment

When Chris first told me about our apartment in Chennai, he got me pretty excited about having a daily cleaning lady. I was particularly excited about it when I found out that she would also help with laundry and dishes, especially since we have no dishwasher.

Back on move in day I first met our cleaning lady, who turned out to be a dude. That’s cool. Whatever. I figure that I shouldn’t be too picky when someone else is going to clean up my mess.

Speaking of this whole cleaning lady/dude business, I feel really guilty and weird about the idea of it. I mean who am I to have someone else cleaning up after me? After all, I am perfectly capable of doing it myself.

I briefly considered saying that we didn’t need cleaning dude. Then, I thought better of that… if I didn’t use him, was he out some pay? Out of a job entirely? I decided to just roll with it, not cleaning might grow on me.

The first day that he came to clean he asked me about laundry. Sure, I had plenty of laundry. Remember all of the mildewed items from my hand washing escapades at the Sheraton?

I almost gave him my laundry, but after making mental notes about which items could and could not go in the dryer, which items only get washed in cold water, and questioning if his laundry detergent would make my uber sensitive skin break out in hives, I opted out of his offer.

He looked very confused about my laundry situation the next day when he saw it hanging to dry in every doorway, over the back of every chair, and in every bathroom. (Un?)Fortunately he couldn’t ask about it as his English vocabulary is pretty limited. I made a futile effort to explain before deciding to just let him think I was crazy.

Sorry cleaning dude. It’s not you, it’s me. I even get antsy when Chris does my laundry.

No big deal, right? There are plenty of other things that he can do. We still don’t have a dishwasher.

Or do we?

Yes, that’s right, her name is Brittany. After all, short of a dish washing machine, she may be the only person who can clean our dishes adequately.

Stupid. I know.

I suppose that all of this isn’t so bad. Cleaning dude is still coming, but doesn’t have to do as much stuff and Chris isn’t affected. Right?

Eh, not so fast.

You should have seen the look that Chris gave me when I asked if he minded bleaching the kitchen and bathrooms while I was away. That may have to wait until I get back home.

If cleaning dude doesn’t think I’m nuts, I’m pretty sure that Chris does. (Sorry Chris!) In all fairness to me though, how do I really know if anything is clean unless I do it myself?

Over the next few months I have a feeling that I will either learn to chill out big time or develop a deep appreciation for my Indiana household appliances.

  1. jen said:

    I found it’s best to show them how to do it once, then watch as they do the same thing (e.g. bathroom cleaning), so you can correct any mistakes right there, and then periodically check again over the next few weeks until you’re confident he’s got it right. Our maid (who’s also a man) took a long time to figure out how to do laundry properly – but now, he’s a pro! 🙂

    • Brit said:

      Great advice! I’ll have to try that!

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